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Mother Jones International Fund for Documentary Photography

Mel Blowers Gallery
D. H. Ramsey Library, UNCA
October 30 - November 29, 2000

Created in 1989, the Mother Jones International Fund for Documentary Photography works with photographers, curators, photo editors, and writers to promote documentary photography as an agent for social change.  Representative works recently exhibited at FotoFest 2000 in Houston and in previous Mother Jones Award Winner exhibits are represented in this thought provoking and challenging exhibit.

As a social document the photograph records the realities of our world in terms that cannot be refuted. The power of the photograph to move individuals and countries to social action has been well recorded. It is the intention of Mother Jones and these photographers "to ensure that documentary photography ... remain an agent for social change."

We thank Mother Jones and FotoFest International for their generous cooperation in bringing this exhibit to UNCA. The assistance of Judy Krasnick of Mother Jones and Christine Rosales at FotoFest International is especially appreciated.

At UNCA this exhibition has been made possible through a grant from the American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education, the UNCA Belk Professorship, and Dr. Mark Gibney. Dr. Ken Betsalel, department of Political Science, initiated the exhibit and with his documentary photography class, provided curatorial direction.


Awards to photographers are made annually by Mother Jones in each of five regions of the world: North America, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific, Africa and the Middle East and Europe. The winning selections are made by a rotating panel of international curators and photo editors who sift through some 200 submissions each year.

Eight photographers are represented in this exhibit. The have been chosen from among the Award Winners from 1998 - 2000.


Heidi Bradner, USA

André Cypriano, Brazil

Donna DeCesare, USA

Li Lang, China

Samer Mohdad, Lebanon

Andrew Moore, United Kingdom

Shehzad Noorani, Bangladesh

Ray Onwuemegbulem, Nigeria


On November 16 at 12:00 pm Dr. Ken Betsalel will give a gallery talk and lead a discussion of "Facing Human Rights" at the Mel Blowers Gallery in Ramsey Library. The exhibition and gallery talk are free and open to the public.

For additional information contact Ken Betsalel 828 232-5041 or Mark Gibney 828 251-6533, Department of Political Science.

November 13-17 has been designated International Education Week in an effort to call attention to President Clinton's Memorandum on International Education Policy. "Facing Human Rights" and the UNCA International Studies Program share in celebrating International Education Week. Also, on Nov. 16 at 9:25 - 10:40 am the French film, "In the Land of the Deaf" will be shown in the Whitman Room of Ramsey Library as part of International Education Week activities.

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