Adriane Lewis

"These images represent the fusion of oneself with our natural surroundings and the genuine and tangible spirituality of the microscopic. My images represent the 'real', yet they are an abstraction of lines and shadows fusing into shapes of sensuality and beauty; becoming unfamiliar to the eye. The essential rawness and the intricate designs of beauty lie in the small nuances of life. Born out of this melodic abstraction springs forth a new reality, formed by their reflections and creating a new life unto its own. Encircled in this melody, is myself. My doubts, fears, bliss, and joys are alleviated and amplified by the beauty in the simplicity of the world. The real essence of life lies in the intricate, small things."
"My photographs are about a personal journey of discovery. They are not a particular person, place, or thing; rather they are what I see when I am encircled in the chaotic sequence of time. These photos were spontaneous, without intention, yet they visually represent the unexpected, and the beauty within the unexpected. The beauty that lies in the little moments that slip through our fingers unnoticed when we are surrounded by the very essence of life. To say that I am about one subject, place, or path in my photos and in life; I am not, I cannot, and I will not. These photos are about time and moments, which throughout our lives intertwine. One second, one minuscule event inevitably affects the next. In our search for 'more', these moments of simplicity and beauty are all too often sacrificed in the contemporary world. "

Photographs on display at Blowers Gallery from November 28 to December 16.
Opening Reception Thursday, December 1, 6 to 9:00pm.
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