Kristina Aberle


 UNDER THE VEIL an exhibit of 10 triptychs by B.A. candidate, Kristina Aberle. May 1st – 31st.

– May 2nd 4:00-6:00
The Munirah Dancers, UNCA’s belly dance troupe will perform in front of Ramsey Library at 5:30.

ARTIST STATEMENT – Much of my art has been influenced by my experiences as a Western woman brought up in Saudi Arabia. Saudi’s culture, customs, and beliefs, have all shaped the way I view feminine beauty. Through this current body of artwork, I have hoped to unveil what is kept in the privacy of Saudi home and share with all audiences my love for belly dancing, a beautiful and ancient dance. I chose belly dancing as my theme to represent the powers of custom, rhythm, and feminism, all of which have been important in my upbringing in Saudi Arabia.

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