Women's Nests

Mary Jo Brezny

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Margaret Ann and I first met in August 1995, while taking a course at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, N.C. In October of that year, she came to visit me and during that visit discussed her idea and asked if we could make it a joint project. Margaret Ann agreed and thus this exhibit. It is an on going project that we will be adding to for a while to come. In addition to exhibiting in Augusta, the work will be exhibited in Asheville in the spring of 1999.brezny_m.jpg (7614 bytes)

The term "women's nests" brings to mind different things to each individual: a comfort zone, a place to do one's own thing, a place to relax and renew one's self, a personal space to take care of business, a place to fulfill creative energies, or nourish the soul.

Light from windows, chairs, rocking chairs, mementos, pictures, nick-knacks, books and other reading materials, tools of one's crafts, creative expression or work are found in women's nests: whether an entire room or a corner of a room, it is their spot.

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