Salsa Snack!
Cade Carlson


An exhibition of mixed media and spray paint by UNC Asheville senior Cade Carlson is on view March 10 through 31 in Ramsey Library's third floor gallery.  An opening reception will be held Thursday, March 13, from 6-8 pm in the lobby.

From Artist's Statement:

These paintings are a result of almost three years of constant experimentation with spray paint, beginning with hand-cut stencils of faces of my friends, eventually shifting my focus to producing vibrant gradients of color.  I have since focused on working with and refining different techniques utilizing water with spray paint, most of which appears in my most recent work.

Though I may have some ideas of what I want to do before I begin a piece, I attempt to make the process of painting and collaging as organic as possible.  I start by choosing spray paint colors and then apply layers to a surface, after which I sort through my ever expanding collection of clippings until I have formulated a loosely constructed and straight forward narrative of sorts that incorporates some form of dark humor.

I am a senior at UNCA where my major & minor fields of study are economics and mathematics. I view painting as a mentally stimulating outlet for me. Plus, experimenting with spray paint and the act of painting is just plain fun.


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