Ramsey Library Exhibits

Tradition in Transition: Shapers of Clay

An exhibit of three ceramic artists illustrates the variety of contemporary work. On display in Ramsey Library October 1997.

George Handy usually produces utilitarian pottery, including dinnerware for the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution. He enhances the colors of his stoneware tiles and vessels with oil pigments.

Elma Johnson juxtaposes the fragility and transparency of large glass plates with a variety of embedded materials, such as metallic foils and organic matter. She makes her own slips and glazes.

Megan Wolfe says, "It is through form, color, and surface that my sculpture is a metaphor for life...my work appears familiar, almost organic, yet it fringes on the bizarre. Appearances can be misleading."

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Blue Tips by Megan Wolfe

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