Ramsey Library Exhibits

Lunar Calendar: Memories from China
Min Fan Walton

On display in Ramsey Library May 1997
Silk hangings by that celebrate family and place.

About the artist...

Min Fan was born in You Yang, Sichuan Province, People's Republic of China, in 1971. Her mother worked at the local hospital while taking care of Min and her older brother Jun Fan by herself. Min Fan's Dad worked for the Chinese Air Force as an engineer thousands of miles away. The family was able to unite and move to Xi'an in 1974 and has been there since.

An excellent student from her high school, Min Fan was accepted by Peking University in 1990 without taking college entrance examinations. However, because of the pro-democracy Tiananmen Event in 1989, which involved large numbers of students from Peking University, Min Fan along with the other freshmen was sent off to a military camp for one year of military training. When she eventually returned to school in the fall of 1991, she met Robert Walton, an American student studying Chinese in China. After marrying Robert Walton in 1993, Min Fan left China and came to Asheville, North Carolina. She has since been studying at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

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