Ramsey Library Exhibits

Sanctuaries for Words, 1999, mixed media.

Talking Sticks for the Forest Spirits, Sanctuaries for Words, and Prologue will be on view from September 4 - 30. "Talking Sticks ..." will be extended to October 20 as part of the Tri-State Sculptures Association Exhibition. From November 3 to December 1, 2000 the exhibit will be on view at Xavier University Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH. 

Recent Work

Terri Godfrey, an Asheville area artist, received her MFA from the Vermont Studio Center. Her visually engaging and tactile work often combines natural and manmade materials in evocative and often archetypal concretions. She generally situates the work within a specific context and has often described her work as site specific. In the installations at Ramsey, Terri has looked carefully at the exhibition space and has situated each of the three installations within the local environment. Each installation has its own set of environmental demands and Terri's response to those demands is intended to be as provocative as the individual works and to be a part of her creative process. The three installations in "Recent Work" show the range of her technical skills, her fascination with materials, and her adept talent at museum installation.


Artist Statement:

"For me, place holds the energy and stories of past and present cultures. Through travels at home and abroad, I have absorbed fragments of cultural references that have become a part of my person, visual language and mythology. Through the process of material experimentation, I have explored ways of telling the overlapping stories of place and event; abstracting my thoughts and ideas to making pieces about conceptual spirits and visions. 

I work off of the wisdom that place has somehow absorbed, by retranslating it into current pieces. The resulting work becomes the language of both the reconstructed history and the constructed present. The grouping of the pieces, in addition to telling a story, shows my vision of the world (the same that others see) from a different inner view. We become the art we make, creating direct reflections of ourselves and our inner worlds. By understanding our places and creating symbols out of them, we come to better understand ourselves and our role in preserving the memories of these spaces, of these places. Art making is my way of teaching myself, of coming to understand the present."


Talking Sticks for the Forest Spirits

Close view, 1998, 26 pieces, 14' high bamboo, manipulated with a variety of mixed media including casting wax, waxed burlap, sisal chord, copper wire, rusty metal, cloth, corn leaves, vine. 


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Talking Sticks for the Forest Spirits

Here, seen against the back-drop of the Pre-Cherokee culture archaeological site in the Swannanoa Valley near Asheville, NC.


"Talking Sticks for the Forest Spirits is informed by cultural references of place, environment and story, and explores bringing site-influenced work back into a gallery environment."

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Sanctuaries for Words 

is an ongoing series that explores ideas of protection, safety, and communication. Originally considered as perch and nesting sites for marsh birds, the series began to take on the role of places for words: words of wisdom, criticism, love, respect, sincerity; words said in haste; words we wish we could say; words that needed to be kept, for whatever reason, in a safe place."


" ... was made in collaboration with an artist/friend, Heidi Zednick. It grew out of a shared travel adventure in Ireland. Having worked together on several other projects over the years, we were interested in continuing to explore ways of blending the two dimensional and three dimensional voices, this time with reference to a more closely shared experience. "


The statement written by Heidi and Terri  about Prologue summarizes their effort:

"Stones and banners - living lines of letters and conversations, of travels and collaborations. It is the poem of walking in the middle of a blossom, and with the forest darkening, the stones come to ring. They guard our vision of fragments of place, becoming the objects of spaces yet unknown. It is but one point of the continuum, a prologue for a book not yet fully told."  

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