Ramsey Library Exhibits

Sarah Harnden: Postmodern Hyperspace

A photographic exploration of the changing social landscape in which we live. On display in Ramsey Library, January 1998.

About the artist

In the summer of 1994, Sarah Harnden moved from urban Atlanta to an abandoned family-owned cabin in rural Leicester, North Carolina. For the next several years, she photographed the surrounding area. She began to notice the changes taking place in the community. Many local farmers began to rely heavily on migrant labor for the harvesting of their crops. People with different languages and cultures now inhabit the same space. Frederic Jameson called this new space "postmodern hyperspace."


farmer.jpg (18746 bytes) In hyperspace there are no boundaries between nations and cultures. We are catapulted into a new kind of social space in which we struggle to locate ourselves. In our attempt to orient ourselves amidst the complexities of postmodern hyperspace, we should look not only to art and literature but also to the lives of ordinary people.

Local Farmer Handing Migrant Worker a Chip
Leicester, NC 1996

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