Ramsey Library Exhibits
Kerstin McDaniel
October 23 - November 27 1996
Phoenix Arising

When Kerstin McDaniel combined a life long love of sewing and a career in textile design with a batchelor of fine arts degree from UNCA her art was reborn in dazzling fabric wall hangings. Her particular skills and training are beautifully intertwined in work that integrates expert craftsmanship with a mastery of basic design elements of color, form, content and relationships.

Kerstin McDaniel is "all about color and texture"

In this triptych, a coastal scene, shimmery silks and satins represent sky
and water. Heavier, darker velvets and cottons are the earth and the plants.

Kerstin McDaniel believes "art and craft are equal and should not be separated." A prolific and versatile artist/designer, she paints and sews with equal skill and enthusiasm. Her "sewings" use fabric instead of paints to create rich images derived from nature. Approaching a fabric project much like a painting, she starts with a rough composition of the piece, she sews on small pieces of fabrics in intertwined layers until the desired effect is achieved. Careful fabric and color selection is partnered with expert workmanship. Atypical piece takes from 150 to 200 hours of meticulous work from the selection of materials to the final stitching. Although stitched by machine, the process is labor intensive. The painting term "push and pull" takes on a quite literal meaning as the physical weight of the fabric increases as the piece progresses

McDaniel's fiber wall hangings have been accepted in Fine Art Juried Exhibitions locally, regionally and nationally and have received several awards. Her "sewings" are displayed in private collections and in public spaces such as banks, universities, hospitals and churches. Two of her pieces are part of the permanent art collection in UNCA's Karpen Hall.

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