Ramsey Library Exhibits

"Floor Plan" by Joe Lanier

Sweet Home"

by Joe Lanier

Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition

May 4 - May 25, 2001
Malcolm E. Blowers Gallery
D.H. Ramsey Library
UNC Asheville

Opening Reception
Friday - May 4
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

"This installation, constructed to fit the space of the Ramsey Library Blowers Gallery, is based on the configurations of my childhood home.
Relatively early in life, everyone forms some understanding of the concept "Home." My hope is that you will use your understanding of the meaning of home to interact with my presentation of "Home Sweet Home."
As I culminate a catharsis of things past, I offer sculptural conversation to convey the feelings of a life experience."  Joe Lanier

"Wild Woman" by Joe Lanier


"Moving Out" by Joe Lanier


Artist's Statement:

"Until recently my life has been spent learning the carpentry trade and climbing the professional ladder to Licensed General Contractor and Developer.

The many houses that I have worked on, remodeled and built did not offer the personal gratification that I have experienced during the past five years studying and creating art.

This show is an attempt to understand the process an artist must go through to bring an idea from conception to fruition."

"Together" by Joe Lanier



"Get In Here!" by Joe Lanier


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