Ramsey Library Exhibits

Broke Danced

Drawings and Paintings

Rae LeGrone

Aug 15- Sept 15, 2001

Opening Reception:
Friday, August 17th, 2001


Mel Blowers Gallery

Every figure when frozen is kinetic energy recorded.  A still moment in dance, just before the transition. 

Broke Danced is a collection of frames, snap-shots into other people’s lives.  It is a series dealing with static transition, personal contemplation, and the human form as vessel to past, present, and future. 

The naked form is void of all manufactured modes of expression.  Stripped to anatomy: shared humanity; differing vulnerabilities, joys, goals, fears, ways of being.  The form as a reflection of personality and soul.

The skin is a house to every experience, every emotion.  Thus, the body is an important way of communicating these emotions and experiences. 

Figurative drawing and painting are tools for dialogue and creation of empathy within an audience.  The body houses strength and power unimaginable, and deserves observation and reverence. 


My drawings and paintings are not profound, nor representative of obscure ideas.  Rather, they are a small collection of individuals, of emotions, of histories, of vessels suspended in time.  Not only do they serve as a way in which I explore my humanity, but also a way in which the audience can share in other’s lives and enjoy the collective experience of a body. 


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