Roger Makepeace

"New Zealand is a land of contrast. From Rainforest to alpine ecosystems.  Seeking to experience this diversity, I have traveled extensively from north to south and from sea-level to snowfield taking particular interest in the amazing flora. With this exhibition, I hope to share my enthusiasm for and offer some insight into the New Zealand landscape. I live in Madison County. "
"My interest in nature began at an early age when my crib was placed in front of the bird feeder as an infant. .My first photographs were taken at around age 8 and included the birds at that same bird feeder. Hiking and love of the mountains began with trips to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the closest alpine area to Connecticut where I grew up."
"Seeking a career where I would be outdoors and in contact with nature, I studied Horticulture at the University of Connecticut. The framework provided by the plant identification courses has been a great help in my continued study of native plants wherever I have gone."
"My study of photography has been informal, aside from a workshop in the White Mountains, through the Appalachian Mountain Club. Through studying work of Edward Curtis, Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, Galen Rowel and others, as well as great painters from academy to avant-garde, I hope to bring a fresh perspective to my images. One will see in many of my photographs a sense of the abstract. Through macro photography, the inherent pattern and design of nature is brought out."

"My interest in New Zealand goes back to Middle school when inspired by an article in National Geographic. I wrote my first term paper on this extraordinary country.
The variety of environments and the unusual plants and animals which inhabit them are a Mecca for the naturalist. The images which have touched me most deeply, though in one sense thoroughly New Zealand, touch a deeper chord of the spirit of life."

40 color photographs. On exhibit at Blowers Gallery from Sept 3-30.
There will be a reception and slide presentation on Wed. Sept. 14, 6:30-8:30.
Slide presentation at 7:00pm in the Whitman Room.
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