Ramsey Library Exhibits

Malcolm Blowers Gallery - March 2001

The mission of the Art Department of UNC Asheville is to provide an environment that nourishes creative thinking through visual experience for students at all stages of life. The Department's aim is to foster excellence, individuality, diversity and vitality, and to encourage freedom of thought, imagination and inquiry as catalysts for personal growth. In its philosophy of pluralism, the Department is open to all avenues of concept, style, and content that develop from serious research and unique thought.

Ceramics and Sculpture
Recent Work of Students, Faculty and Alumni
UNC Asheville Art Department

on display with

Hands On - Black and White Photographs
by Martha Seitz Marshall

The beautiful
completed object
is what most of us
see when we
view art.
We do not see
the process -
the concentration
and intensity -
to create
the object.
It is that process
that photographer
Martha Marshall
chooses to depict.
You see the artist
caught in moments
of creation,
deep in thoughts of
what is yet to be.

Photographer Martha Seitz Marshall is both a faculty member and a student.
She is associate professor of Accounting and CPA in the UNCA Department of Management and Accountancy.
She is also a student in the UNCA Art Department.

Ceramics and sculpture on display are by UNCA students, faculty and alumni.

Martha Marshall's photographs are also on display
through March 2001 in the Ramsey Café Gallery.

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