Masks of the World & Textiles of Africa

Pete Williams began collecting masks in the late 1960s when he was in the Peace Corps in South America. Subsequent travels to various parts of the world allowed him to collect additional masks to add to his collection, although not all were obtained in their country of origin. He presently has masks from over 50 countries. This exhibit is a sampling of those. Pete is the director of UNCA's Study Abroad and Study Away programs.
Margot Jackson spent the spring of 2001 in Senegal researching her mother's service in the Peace Corps there. In the summer of 2005, Margot returned to Africa, this time Mali, as a part of UNCA's Undergraduate Research program. She collected fabric from the West African countries of Senegal and Mali.
Julia Robinson spent last summer working with an AIDS/HIV educational project in Malawi. While there she collected fabric from Tanzania and Zambia in East Africa.

Exhibit on display in Blowers Gallery for the month of February 2006.

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