Drink Me
Amanda Meyers



 DRINK ME an exhibit of ceramics & prints by B.F.A. candidate Amanda Meyers. November 2nd through 21st.

– Sunday, November 4, from 2:00-4:00pm.


The tactile nature of the clay and the means to create with it, made me think about the way children learn by touch.  Children’s toys are not only decorated with the bright colors that bombard their books, but with different textures, surfaces and fabrics.  The slip dots that decorate my work create various patterns and textures mirroring the idea surrounding children’s play things.  By creating functional ceramic work I am able to combine textures along with this tactile piece of art that engages the viewer not only visually, but with this desire to feel each piece, pick it up, and hold it in their hands.

I was able to take this idea of childhood play and imagination and create my own environment for these two life essentials that one seems to forget about as they get older, by morphing the functional and the imaginary. In each of these fantasy filled pots, my head would spin as I pulled and poked at the clay. All of the work I was creating reminded me of the tea parties I had as a little girl and sent me into a whirlwind of new ideas for shapes and colors. Playing with each of the pots as I was creating them put life in to each and every one of them, and my play allowed them to dance in my mind.

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