The Adventure: A Fifteen Year Retrospective
of the Works of Shiel Okelberry

Shiel Okelberry


The artist was born in Kentucky and split her "growing up" years between that state and Indiana.  Her love of art and creativity began in early childhood. She holds a BA in Education with a minor in Art from Brigham Young University and conducted graduate studies in architecture and landscape architecture at Ball State University.  She is the mother of five children and five grandchildren.

Over the years the artist has developed thirteen medium- and subject-defined series.  Each series is represented in this exhibit.  The subjects range from realism to abstraction to colour and form studies, and the mediums include acrylics, pencil, water color, mixed media, ink, and coloured pencil. 


Exhibit on display 11-28 April 2006 in the Blowers Gallery.

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