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A Fabric of Friends

Quilts by Newcomers to Madison County, North Carolina
On Display April 1999

mapleaves.jpg (25106 bytes)The Quilters Speak . . .

"We were all new to Madison County...idealists seeking the simple/good life. ...this is the story of how we became our own community."  - Vicki Skemp

"The quilting that grew out of our community has been an added blessing and given warmth and friendship where it might not have so easily and naturally developed."   - Libby Woodruff

"The stitches, some fine, some random, some erratic, all the threads that bind us, that touch us, that connect our community."  - Peggy Barnes

"Quilting gave me opportunities to visit at length with folks - a rare occurrence."  - Sara Sagar

"These quilts and the experience of being a part of the quilting group have provided me with permanent connections with many women in my community, connections that will always remain strong."  - Jane Peebles

"I think that balance - the equal flow of energy back and forth - comes in our lives as the men build the houses we live in and make our farms livable, and women create beauty for the houses and the land around them."  - Kathy Hendricks


mapleaves.jpg (25106 bytes)(When I received my quilt, I remember) "the enormous outrush of love and excitement, the festive spirit, the celebration of friendship."  - Judy Welder

"It was the sense of caring and the expression of inclusion and acceptance that came from the gift."  - Roxanne Colwell

"It also gives us a chance to give back what others have given to us."   - Leslie Stilwell

"It reminds me that the essence of life is love given and received. . . that describes our quilts and our community."     - Jane Renfroe

leaf.jpg (1758 bytes) 
Maple Leaves wedding quilt for

Paul and Silvia Gurewitz - 1979

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