Reflections of the Soul: Endangered Species' Portraits
by Shannon Rupert

Drifting Off to Dream
by Gwendolyn Saltz


A joint exhibition of recent paintings by UNC Asheville graduates Shannon Rupert and Gwendolyn Saltz will be on display June 2 through 27 in the Blowers Gallery. 

An opening reception will be held on Sunday, June 8, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.

Reflections of the Soul: Endangered Species' Portraits.  These oil paintings by Rupert present intense, close-up portraits of endangered animals.  The artist explores dynamic facial expressions in an attempt to communicate endangered species' "essence, or soul."  Ruppert earned degrees in art and environmental studies.  Her goal for this series "is to be a part of the EcoArt Movement by attributing my own environmental appreciation and knowledge" to this important genre.

Eagle by Shannon Rupert

Heirloom by Gwendolyn Saltz
Drifting Off to Dream.  These acrylic paintings by Saltz layer images to depict dreams and nightmares.  The artist seeks to express the "conception and creation of dreams that exist in the subconscious mind" in this series.  Saltz graduated with a degree in art. "Dreaming is an inseparable part of the human condition.  Hopefully my work conveys the process that occurs during the mind's resting state."


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