The World of the Medieval Scribe
On Display: Nov. 3-16
Opening Reception: Thursday, Nov. 6, 3-5pm


Artist Statement 

In our modern electronic world the future of the written book is uncertain, but UNC-Asheville students have been working on a collaborative project in the Classics and Philosophy departments to preserve the information contained in the laboriously handwritten texts of the Middle Ages. This exhibit showcases their work and documents the opportunities this unique research has opened for their academic future in the Humanities. 

The pieces are mostly printed posters ranging from photos of the students doing archival work in Europe and South America to projects in Latin and Greek Paleography, the study of ancient handwritten texts. Jeremy Duncan will display his work on the human dimension of copying texts by hand: a variety of errors creep in. Jennifer Gray's "Poster on the Hill" poster she presented in Washington, DC last spring as part of her research on Latin paleography will be on display, as well as photos from her archival work in Paris, Belgium, and other exciting locales in Europe. McKayne Hill and Jennifer Sons will each demonstrate aspects of how a medieval book was made, and Jennifer’s poster will be accompanied by a hand-made quire (one section of a book) that employs medieval techniques. Alejandra McCall will show photos of her archival work in Spain, Rome, and Chile, as well as her work on Jesuit manuscripts. Megan Miller will show her photos from her research at Oxford University in England, as well as her work in both Greek and Latin paleography. Scot Robinson will display his work on manuscript variants, that is, different versions of the same text.  

All these students have studied paleography with Lora Holland in the Classics department and critical text editing on the Henry of Ghent project with Gordon Wilson in Philosophy as part of a collaborative project in undergraduate research over the past several years. UNC-Asheville students who are interested in joining the 2009 Paleography Team should contact Dr. Holland in the Classics department at or phone 232-5043.

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