Regina Lee Shackelford: Omniscient

Works of multi-media on masonite by UNC Asheville senior Regina Lee Shackelford will be on display November 26 through December 14 in the Blowers Gallery.  A reception will be held Tuesday, Nov. 27, from 6-8 pm in the lobby.

This show is a culmination of Shackelford's work toward her bachelor of arts degree.  The artist has exhibited in local spaces and received several awards, including Best in Show for an exhibition at the Greenlife Community Center.  Her work has most frequently been described as expressive, metaphysical, mystical and psychedelic.

From Artist's Statement:

The formal elements of art that are most important to me are texture and color. My work reveals a sculptural quality by the build up of layers on a two-dimensional surface. I am intrigued by the textural application because of the variety of effects that different materials have on paint.

Intensity of color gives my work boldness and contrast. I am interested in the way the eye relates to the vibrancy that exist in the color spectrum. One way I emphasize color in my work is through the glow of light. In my paintings light is an analogy of the content. Illumination in my work is symbolic of hope, truth, life, and energy.



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