Ramsey Library Exhibits

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Wood Fired Porcelain Teapots
Left & Right: Kyle Carpenter
Center: Jhierry Lewis

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Kyle B. Carpenter

I am currently a senior Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate here at UNCA. My concentration is in ceramic arts. I use different materials to achieve various effects. All of my pieces are wheel thrown and slightly altered.

Gas Fired Stoneware Plate

The different firing types include raku, wood, gas, and salt. After graduating UNCA, I hope to attend graduate school and receive my Master of Fine Arts in ceramics.

Gas Fired Plate

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Jheirry Lewis

I first came to UNCA to get my Bachelor of Arts degree under the tutelage of Elma Johnson. After a short break, I returned to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Since I've been back, I've had the privilege of studying under local ceramists Leah Leitson, Mark Burleson, Linda McFarling, and Terry Gess. I'm currently studying with Professor Megan Wolfe, under whom I've most recently explored teapots, their forms and their implications.

Baby Head Teapot

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Sibling Teapot

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