UNCA Ramsey Library Exhibits Committee
Policies and Procedures

Last updated: March 3, 2003



In keeping with the mission of Ramsey Library, the library Exhibits Committee will initiate or facilitate exhibits designed to support and promote the instructional programs and educational goals of UNCA students and faculty.  We seek exhibits that will be of interest across the entire campus community, including the Asheville Graduate Center and the North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement.  In support of the objective of the University and the Library to recruit and retain a diverse University community, Ramsey Library will provide exhibit space each academic year for at least four exhibits linked directly to themes of diversity.

Ramsey Library also serves the population of Asheville and the surrounding area; therefore the secondary focus of the Exhibits Committee will be to initiate or facilitate exhibits which reflect the interests and activities of our broader community.

Committee Responsibilities

1) Monitor and schedule displays in all library gallery spaces
    a) the Malcolm E. Blowers Gallery on the main level
    b) the hallway outside Special Collections on the upper level
    c) the Curriculum area on the lower level, and
    d) other areas as needs/programs dictate.

2) Monitor the permanent art collection of the library and the library exhibit cases
    a) keep a current inventory of art and exhibit cases (including their location)
    b) maintain art and exhibit cases in good repair
    c) shift art and exhibit cases when necessary

3) Maintain regular contact with other UNCA departments and programs, especially the Art Department and the Education Department.  The Committee will provide up-to-date contact information and links to current information about policies and procedures on our web site at: http://toto.lib.unca.edu/exhibits/blowers/exhibits.html

4) Prepare a brief yearly report for the University Librarian of the activities of the Committee.  This report will describe the exhibits of the preceding year and how they served to further the objectives of the Library and of the University.


While we make every effort to ensure the safety of items on display in the library, UNCA Ramsey Library cannot accept responsibility for replacing anything that is damaged or stolen while on exhibit in the library.  Exhibitors must sign a form releasing the library from responsibility.  

Committee Membership

The exhibit schedule will begin on July 1 and end on June 30.

The Committee will be composed of from five to seven members.
Ideally these members will include representation from the following areas:
a) Ramsey Library staff
b) Ramsey library faculty
c) UNCA student
d) UNCA department or program outside of the library or a representative from the Asheville community

At least three members of the committee must be present in order to make a decision.  Normally, majority rules, except that if only three members are present, then all must agree in order to make a decision.  For issues that do not have a visual component, voting may be done via e-mail.

Members may volunteer or be nominated.  Service on committee must be approved by the prospectís supervisor.

Prospective members will be considered at the May meeting.  Sitting committee members will consider the nominees  and volunteers and make recommendations to the University Librarian.  Formal appointment will be by the University Librarian.

In order for the committee to retain cohesiveness, no more than three members will change in any given year.

Service on the committee will be a two-year appointment.  Members may serve additional terms.

At any time the committee has fewer than five members, the committee will seek additional members to recommend to the University Librarian for appointment.

Policies and procedures, notes of meetings and other information deemed worthwhile will be archived and stored in Special Collections under D.H. Ramsey Library Exhibits Committee.

Exhibits created by the committee (such as those displayed in Special Collections hallway) will be archived and stored in Special Collections.

Time Commitment
   One or two meetings per month of one to two hours per meeting.
   Variable time spent facilitating exhibits.  Members will share this responsibility as described below.

If a committee member misses three consecutive meetings, that member will be notified.  The committee will consider a recommendation to the University Librarian as to whether that member should be replaced.


Term of office is two years.  Officers may serve additional terms.

Calls meetings. Presides at meetings.  Keeps the Master Schedule for the three gallery areas.  Is the main contact person for exhibitors.  Sends information about exhibits to Public Information Office.

Keeps minutes of committee meetings and circulates these to committee members.
When changes are made to policies and procedures or contact information, the recorder will notify
a) the library circulation desk,
b) the library reference desk
c) the library administrative assistant
d) the secretary of the Art Department
e) the secretary of the Education Department.



As the need arises, the committee may submit requests to the University Librarian for materials, supplies and other expenditures related to the work of the committee.



At monthly meetings, the Committee will

1) Review proposals from potential exhibitors to determine whether a proposed exhibit is appropriate for the library.

    First priority will be given to the UNCA community in the following order:
    a) exhibits which enable students to meet course requirements,
    b) exhibits that showcase the creative work of UNCA faculty, staff, or students
    c) exhibits that describe and promote UNCA projects and programs.

    Second priority will be given  to the surrounding community:
    a) exhibits that showcase the creative work of members of our community, and
    b) exhibits that describe and promote community projects and programs.

    In the third floor gallery first priority will be given to displays that highlight materials from Special Collections, second priority to student exhibits.

    The process for reviewing potential exhibits will be as follows:
    a) The chair schedules a time for a potential exhibitor to make a presentation to the committee.
        Chair asks potential exhibitor to bring examples of work, short resume and description of proposed exhibit.
    b) Potential exhibitor makes 30-minute presentation to committee.  Members ask questions.
    c) After exhibitor leaves, committee discusses proposed exhibit.
        At least three members of the committee must be present to make a decision.
        If only three members are present, then all must agree.
    d) Chair notifies exhibitor of committee decision and verifies place of exhibit in schedule.
    e) Exhibitor gets packet of information (described below).

    We seek variety in exhibits.  Controversial subject matter will be considered, but we must present both sides of a controversial issue.  Potential exhibits are juried for quality and appropriateness for an educational environment and for our patrons.

    Two years must pass before an individual or organization can exhibit for a second time.
Exception: within a two year period, an individual may mount a solo display and also exhibit as part of a group.

Any member of the committee may bring an exhibit idea or a potential exhibitor to the attention of the committee.

2) Schedule exhibits for all library gallery spaces.

All exhibits proposals should be brought to the Exhibits Committee for the purposes of planning and coordination.

    Preferred exhibit schedule is one month, and the exhibit calendar will be based on a 30-day cycle.  A longer summer exhibit  and winter break exhibit may be scheduled.  When attempting to accommodate the needs of students who need exhibit space to meet course requirements, a minimum of two weeks will be accepted.

    A minimum of at least one day and a maximum of three days between exhibits will be required.

    If the exhibitor does not meet the required mounting date, the committee reserves the right to cancel the exhibit.

    If time is a factor (e.g. a student needs space for a Senior Show in order to graduate), the Committee will consider schedule shifts in order to accommodate that need.

    The committee attempts to plan two years ahead so that the Exhibits Calendar will be in place a year in advance.

Handouts for Exhibitors

At the time an exhibit is scheduled, the exhibitor will be given a packet containing:
1) Dimensions and layout of exhibit space and dimensions of exhibit cases
2) Exhibition Confirmation Form
    a) Lists items that will be on display
    b) Releases the library from responsibility for loss or damage to items on display
    c) Gives permission to publish on our web site any photographs provided by the exhibitor
3) Exhibition Worksheet
    a) Reception guidelines
    b) Exhibitor responsibilities for installation and removal of exhibit
    c) Exhibitor responsibilities for publicity
    c) Directions to loading dock
    d) Guidelines for where and how items may be mounted on walls
    e) Guidelines for labels
    f) Policy for price lists
4) News Release Form


As needed, members of the committee will be assigned to facilitate exhibits.

Each exhibit will require different amounts of assistance from members of the Exhibits Committee.  Every effort is made to share these tasks evenly among all members of the committee.  We will attempt to minimize the time spent in facilitation.

When an exhibit is approved, the committee will assign primary responsibility for facilitation of the exhibit to one [or more] member(s) of the committee.  If assistance is needed, the facilitator will arrange for:

1) Assistance with matting and labels
The exhibitor will pay for all materials that do not remain the property of the Exhibits Committee.
2) Assistance mounting exhibit
3) Assistance taking down exhibit
4) Assistance with reception
    If tables are needed, the facilitator will ask the library administrative assistant to send a work order at least a week prior to the reception.
    One member of the Committee (or a designated substitute from the library staff) will be present at every reception.
5) Assistance with publicity
    The exhibitor must return the News Release Form to the chair three weeks prior to the exhibition opening.  The chair will send this information to the UNCA Public Information Office and proof their press release.  As time allows, a web page for each major exhibit will be added to the Exhibits website.  The exhibitor will be responsible for mailings and any additional desired publicity for exhibit or reception.