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Citizens Against Clearcutting in the Asheville Watershed (CACAW) Papers

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UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives
Citizens Against Clearcutting in the Asheville Watershed (CACAW) Papers
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3.5 Linear feet
Physical description
The collection contains correspondence, press releases, news clippings, government reports, maps, photographs, and other documents.
Located in Special Collections, Row 4, Section 5.
The Citizens Against Clearcutting the Asheville Watershed (CACAW) was a citizens group that worked to stop clearcutting in the Asheville watershed beginning in the late 1980s. The CACAW Papers contains correspondence, press releases, news clippings, and other materials that document the group's actions.

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[Identification of item], Citizens Against Clearcutting the Asheville Watershed Papers, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804.

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Scope and Contents

The Citizens Against Clearcutting in the Asheville Watershed (CACAW) Papers were donated by Monroe Gilmour, who led the group’s efforts to stop clearcutting in the Asheville watershed. The papers document the group’s activities in various capacities, including meeting with Asheville city and water officials, attending City Council and other public meetings, writing public officials, holding informational meetings, gathering signatures, writing press releases and letters to the editor, soliciting support from individuals such as Hugh Morton (of Grandfather Mountain) and agencies such regional tourism boards, debating issues via correspondence and in public meetings, and raising public awareness of the issue.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives

Ramsey Library, CPO # 1500
One University Heights
Asheville, North Carolina, 28804-8504


The collection is open for research.

Custodial History

The collection was donated by Monroe Gilmour in April 2016.

Processing Information

Processed by Gene Hyde, August 2016.

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Collection Inventory

Box 1: CACAW 1987-1991 

Folder 1: Asphalt 

Folder 2: Audubon Society, 1991 

Folder 3: Watershed Allies, 1991 

Folder 4: Alternative Watershed 

Folder 5: Alternative Plan, 1992 

Folder 6: Alternative Plan Coalition, 1991 

Folder 7: General CACAW information 

Folder 8: Newspaper Clippings (packets) 

Folder 9: CACAW newspaper clippings 

Folder 10: Conservation ads, 1993 

Folder 11: CACAW mailings 

Folder 12: 2/15/92 "Logging recommended again" 

Folder 13: Citizens for Safe Drinking Water 

Folder 14: CACAW allies 

Folder 15: City Council Election, 1991 

Folder 16: County Commissioners Resolution, 1991 

Folder 17: CACAW meeting with city manager 

Folder 18: CACAW history, 1998 

Folder 19: Pro-clearcutting news clippings 

Folder 20: CACAW history, 1989 

Folder 21: CACAW "evidence" 

Box 2: CACAW 1987-1991 

Folder 1: CACAW Public Meeting 

Folder 2: Blue Ridge Parkway 

Folder 3: Blue Ridge Parkway statement on clearcutting 

Folder 4: Black Mountain- Swannanoa Chamber statement on clearcutting 

Folder 5: Talk at Black Mountain Presbyterian Church, 3/7/1990 

Folder 6: Correspondence, 1990 

Folder 7: Deceptions - Water Department 

Folder 8: Action Sheet 

Folder 9: "Draft" plan for North Fork 

Folder 10: Article on draft watershed plan, May 1991 

Folder 11: USDA report: oak decline areas 

Folder 12: Earth First 

Folder 13: Fire Reports 

Folder 14: Forester job duties 

Folder 15: Foresters support clearcutting article 

Folder 16: Guggenheim letter 

Folder 17: Huff's "issues" memo 

Folder 18: Heiman study (North Fork Watershed) 

Folder 19: Help us bring an end to clearcutting" letter, Charlotte Observer, 1991 

Folder 20: Haywood Community College 

Folder 21: Janes letter 

Folder 22: Jocassee Watershed 

Folder 23: "Don't let it happen" letter 

Folder 24: Maps, water authority, 1991 

Box 3: CACAW 1987-1991 

Folder 1: McClintock 

Folder 2: NC Natural Heritage 

Folder 3: NC Forestry Association 

Folder 4: NC Health Department Letters 

Folder 5: "Notice" 

Folder 6: Lead / Occupational Health 

Folder 7: Powell Wholesale Lumber Company 

Folder 8: Powell letters 

Folder 9: Picnic Tables 

Folder 10: Price McNab ads 

Folder 11: Price 

Folder 12: Watershed department salaries 

Folder 13: Sierra Club - watershed 

Folder 14: Road tour/ watershed tour 

Folder 15: Quality Forward 

Folder 16: Timber harvest report 

Folder 17: CACAW budget letter 

Box 4: "Asheville Watershed 2003 Fight & Earlier Info." 

Folder 1: Asheville Watershed 2003 

Folder 2: Watershed easement 

Folder 3: 1992 Asheville Watershed Management Plan 

Folder 4: Meeting with mayor, 9/12/2006 

Folder 5: Greenville watershed 

Folder 6: Asheville Watershed "Forest Management Plan" comments 

Folder 7: Blue Ridge Parkway foundation 

Folder 8: Parkway photo (Photoshopped) 

Folder 9: Asheville Watershed Working Group - Public 

Folder 10: Mayor Worley 

Folder 11: Water Authority - Wendell Begley 

Folder 12: Access - Day Lighting Roads 

Folder 13: Bryson City Watershed 

Folder 14: Miscellaneous 

Box 5: "Asheville Watershed 2003 Fight & Earlier Info." 

Folder 1: Charles Rector 

Folder 2: USFS 2004 Schedule of Proposed Actions 

Folder 3: Floods 

Folder 4: City of Asheville 

Folder 5: January 2005 Council Workshop 

Folder 6: Roads - Asheville Watershed 

Folder 7: Asheville Watershed - forestry plan 

Folder 8: Asheville Watershed Second Phase RFP watershed management services 

Folder 9: News clippings 

Folder 10: 2005 notes 

Folder 11: PARC 

Folder 12: Asheville Watershed Easement 

Folder 13: Strategy meeting, 8/23/2004 

Folder 14: Asheville Tree Commission 

Folder 15: Asheville Watershed 12/17/86 article & miscellaneous materials 

Folder 16: Southwings 

Folder 17: Mars Hill Logging 

Folder 18: Joe Dunn 

Folder 19: USFS Fire Data 

Folder 20: Asheville Watershed - 8/24/04 meeting 

Folder 21: Asheville Watershed - Questions 

Box 6: Rod & Gun Club and other materials 

Folder 1: "Drinking Water from Forests and Grasslands: A Synthesis of the Scientific Literature," US Forest Service General Technical Report SRS-39, 2000 

Folder 2: Miscellaneous. Includes 2004 talk by Monroe Gilmour, "Logging Municipal Watersheds: The Public's Perspective." 

Folder 3: SAMAB (Southern Appalachian Man and the Biosphere) 

Folder 4: "Clubhouse" (Rod and Gun Club) News Release 

Folder 5: "Clubhouse" Mountain XPress, October 1997 

Folder 6: "Clubhouse" News clippings 

Folder 7: "Clubhouse" - Assorted documents 

Folder 8: News clippings, correspondence 

Box 7: Maps and petition 

Item: 5 maps of the Asheville Watershed produced by the Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition 

Item: Petition to stop clearcutting - multiple pages taped together to form a continuous roll. The petition was presented by letting the sheets unroll.