Robert and Audrey Bayer Paper Dress Collection

.Folder 010: Advertisements, Ads, Flyers, and Mail Order Forms.
Box Folder Item # Description Thumbnail
1 010 baye_01 Tag: Red Tag, "For Your Valentine" on Front.  Message by Robert C. Gordon, Advertising Sales Director inside.  
    baye_02 Image: Woman in Green and Pink Jumpsuit, with one leg in the air, smiling.  
    baye_03 Advertisement: "Magic Lady Makes You a Paper Doll for 50 Cents" Advertisement for slimming underwear and paper dress upon proof of purchase.  
    baye_04 Advertisement: "Curtiss Fashion Wrapper". Drawing , care instructions, and mail-in card.  
    baye_05 Advertisement: "The Era of Disposables" List of disposable items available.  
    baye_06 Advertisement: "From the 'Wastebasket Boutique' Collection: Throwaway A-Line Shift Dresses" Sizes and price listed.  Lettering is blurry.  
    baye_07 Advertisement: "'Wastebasket Boutique Collection' From Mars - for Fall of 1966; from Mars...Pioneer of Spring's Disposable Dress" Short and long dresses, images, sizes and prices listed.  
    baye_08 Advertisement: "More from the Amazing 'Waste Basket Boutique' Line" Football shirt and "Paint Your Own" dress. Price and description.  
    baye_09 Advertisement: "Qwip's Bonus Offer: Paint-It-Yourself Paper Dress" Description and mail order form.  
    baye_10 Advertisement: "New, from Mars: Paper Hats" Drawing, description and price.  
    baye_11 Advertisement: "'Waste Basket Boutique' Collection Paper Throwaways" Two photos, six drawings, description and price. Dresses, bib and cosmetic cape.  
    baye_12 Advertisement: "News! The Latest Fun Fashions: 25 Piece Party-pack" Price and drawing. Image of woman in short blue dress included.  
    baye_13 Advertisement: "Pow! It's Paper" The New York Times, September 1966. Drawings, images, and prices.  
    baye_14 Advertisement: "Get in the Swim of Things Early this Year" Cardboard advertisement, description and drawing.  
    baye_15 Advertisement: "The New Generation" magazine ad, children in the outdoors.  
    baye_16 Repeat of 05.  
    baye_17 Repeat of 11.  
    baye_18 Repeat of 11.  
    baye_19 Repeat of 12 advertisement.  
    baye_20 Repeat of 12 photo.  
    baye_21 Repeat of 12 photo.