Robert and Audrey Bayer Paper Dress Collection

.Folder 05: Oversized Articles.
Box Folder Item # Description Thumbnail
1 5 baye_01 Article: "The Answer to Laundry in Outer Space", from Life.  
    baye_02 Article: "Vogues's Own Boutique of Suggestions, Finds and Observations; Movement: Watch for the 1967 Revolution; Paper: Print it Big as 1967 Fashion"  
    baye_03 Article: "It's Only a Paper World" Durham Morning Herald, February 1967. article and photos.  
    baye_04 Article: "Who's Afraid of the Paper Dress?" photos and article.  
    baye_05 Article: "Paper...paper..." Descriptions of which brand name paper clothing can be found at Lord & Taylor and B. Altman Family Stores. Drawing included.  
    baye_06 Articles: "Stop the Press for Paper Caper: Fad or Fashion? Paper turns over New Leaf" and "Asheville Firm Corners Market" The Charlotte Observer. April 1967. Photos and articles. Joint articles on same page.  
    baye_07 Article: "It's All Paper" Photos.  
    baye_08 Article: "There Isn't Much Left for Disposables" January 1969. Article and photos.  
    baye_09 Article: "Paper Dress? It's Still Around, Quietly" the New York Times. June 1969.  
    baye_10 Article: "'Paper Dress' Era Spawned Disposables Industry Boom" The Charlotte Observer. July 1970.  Photo and article.  
    baye_11 Article: "Recycling a Fad into a Fashion" Long Island, Our Future. Photo and article.