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Title Tryon Toy-Makers and Weavers, Tryon, NC - Folder #8 - 1927
Creator  Biltmore Industries
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Tryon Toy-Makers and Weavers ; Biltmore Industries ; Homespun Shops ; weaving ; handicraft ; wood carving ; Eleanor P. Vance ; Charlotte L. Yale ; George W. Vanderbilt ;  Fred Seely ; wool ; wool carding ; wool dying ; Grovewood Gallery ; Ruth Hatch ; settlement house ;  ; 
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Tryon Toy-Makers and Weavers
Biltmore Industries
Biltmore Homespun
Decorative arts -- North Carolina
Artisans -- North Carolina
Hand weaving -- North Carolina
Handicraft -- North Carolina
Vance, Eleanor
Yale, Charlotte
Hatch, Ruth
Seely, Fred L. 
Grove, E.W. 
Weavers -- North Carolina
Weaving -- Appalachian Mountains
Appalachian Mountains -- History
Description Various letters of correspondence from Chalotte L. Yale and Eleanor Vance, founders of the Biltmore Estate Industries to and from Fred L. Seely and interested parties regarding the development and maintenance of Tryon Toy-Makers and Weavers in Tryon, NC. Correspondence covers the year1921 and is useful in building a history of the Toy-Makers as well as craft industries in western North Carolina. 
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Relation Fred L. Seely Oral History [restricted use] ; E.M. Ball Collection 
Coverage 1921 ; Tryon, N.C. and Asheville, NC
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1   0001 January 15, 1927. Letter  from Fred Seely to Mr. Fred O. Scroggs, Brasstown, N.C.. Suggests that Mr. Scroggs visit Tryon and speak with Yale and Vance regarding their work.
    0002 January 21, 1927.Letter from Vance and Yale to  Fred Seely declining invitation to visit Grove Park Inn. Discussion on the details of the door being carved for "Overlook", home of Seely. "Our work was never so satisfactory as now. 
    00003 January 24, 1927. Letter from Fred Seely to Eleanor Vance and Charlotte Yale. "I am so happy to have your letter this morning with all  the good wishes it contains. We really had a lot of anxiety and it is just a little worse today than ever for Mr. Grove developed pneumonia last night and I am afraid his time is very short. However, we will get back to normal in the near future and I am so anxious to see the door and enjoy what you have done. ..."
    0004 January 25, 1927. Letter from Charlotte Yale and Eleanor Vance to Fred Seely. "We sent the door on the 60'clock train to-night. , by Express (charges paid) and we hope that it will reach you safely. We feel as if we had lost part of ourselves now that it has really started on its way, indeed, we have a lonely sort of feeling as if a member of our Toy-Shop family had gone away. ...Bible..."
    0005 February 8, 1927. Letter from Charlotte Yale and Eleanor Vance to Fred Seely. "I want to thank you for all you did for me yesterday and for my friends. It is always so helpful to have an interview with you and such a real holiday experience to have Luncheon at the Inn that I never know how to thank you, then your making it possible for me to see Mr. Wallace Davis was the greatest possible favor for our work....I was delighted to know that you are pleased twith the door but I felt sure you would be...."

    0006 February11, 1927. Letter from Charlotte Yale and Eleanor Vance to Fred Seely. "We are enclosing the statement for the door. The actual cost to us was $788.50 and we think we ought to add 1/4 for the benefit of our little organization, as we laid aside all other carving to do it. We appreciate the opportunity of doing the work, yet we want to be fair to the Toy-Makers so as to keep afloat. ..."
March 20, 1927. Letter from Charlotte Yale to Fred Seely. "I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciated your generous courtesy to me and our friends yesterday. ...Mrs. Curtis' home is in Rome. Her husband was for years head of the American Academy there. He died during the war and he was buried with military honors. This is the first time she has been in America for sixteen years. She was greatly pleased to meet you and was impress with your personality. After meeting you she understood why the great things she saw all around the Hotel & the Industries could have been accomplished. I was especially glad to be able to show her around as she came with a letter of introduction from a n old friend of ours in Paris whom we have not seen for thirty years!...Mrs. Carter ... Mrs Vinnage..."


    0008 May 3, 1927. Letter from Fred Seely to Charlotte Yale. "We have lost quite a number of sales by not having a stock of your goods and I am wondering if anything has happened or if our credit is bad with you. Of course, you must remember that I am still your Godfather and when I see you losing business I feel it my duty to call you down. Are you going to be able to fill orders soon or just what is the matter? "
    0009 May 4, 1927. Letter from Charlotte Yale and Eleanor Vance to 'Godfather'. [Fred Seely]. "Dear Godfather: - Thank you for you Fatherly letter just received. It does us a world of good to know that in the midst of all you responsibilities you still remember us. Yes, your credit is as good as ever, - even better and our affection for you deeper every year, but you order came in too late!...By the way, we never had such a season. No one else in Tryon did much this year, but our product vanished like magic... P.S. You had better come down and give the Toy-Shop 'the once over'. It might stir us up a bit to get your 'slant' on our business C.L.Y. Later -- Just telephoned for 10 1/2 yds. of Homespun but found you did not have it in stock. 'I hate to see you losing business in this way!!' E.P.V.
    0010 May 6, 1927. Letter from Fred Seely to Eleanor P. Vance. I hope you didn't take my letter too seriously but it worried us a lot not to have the toys. ..."
    0011 June 14, 1927. Letter from Charlotte Yale to Fred Seely. "If you have had a chance to have any pictures of the door taken will you let us have one to take North with us on our Mission to Wisconsin? ...We know these must be very busy days for all of you [Gertrude's wedding] ...We were delighted to meet Mr. Eller here and think he is a perfectly splendid young man. Best of all, Gertrude seems so happy that it is a pleasure to see her. ..."
    0012 June 15, 1927. Letter from Fred Seely to Charlotte Yale. "Thank you for your letter. I certainly thought I had sent the photograph of the door but I must have failed to do so. I send two photographs of it herewith and a couple of prints of the house which will give a little idea as to where the door is to go.... Don't let those Northern people steal your affection for if they do I will go over to Tryon and steal the Toy Business."
    0013 June 18, 1927. Letter from Charlotte Yale to Fred Seely. "Thank you for your kind letter of the fifteenth and also for the fine photographs. We are so glad to have them to take North with us. We hope to see the door in its setting some of these days. There is no danger of the Northern people stealing our affections for we love our own work too much and good old North Carolina as well.
    0014 June 22, 1927. Letter from Charlotte Yale to Grove Park Inn. "Thank you for the check for $338.93 for our May bills which was received on the 18th ...our figures differ. For your reference I am listing the statements as they are on our file...."
    0015 July 28, 1927. Letter from Charlotte Yale to Fred Seely. "We have returned from our perfectly wonderful trip and we have brought back with us a book which Dr. Ely asked us to give to you. The book is a volume of letters written by his son, Dinsmore, the young aviator , who must have been a most unusual young man. Dr. Ely was so thrilled over the whole conception of Grove Park Inn that he never grew tired of asking questions about the man back of it -- the man who dreamed the dream....we were happy to tell him that you are one of our very best friends -- in fact, the 'God-Father' of the Toy-Makers..."
    0016 July 29, 1927. Letter from Ruth Hatch to Charlotte Yale. "We wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter which has been received during Mr. Seely's absence from the City. ..." Note at bottom: "Mr. Seely's letter to Dr. Ely in personal file E. Miscel."
    0017 August 8, 1927. Letter from Charlotte Yale to Miss Ruth. "We are sending to-day one of our new Toys on approval. It is a train of cars for the little ones who can only creep around. It can be shuffled or pushed around the floor & there are no wheels to get out of order. The coupling is not too difficult for the little folks to manage. This is not a selling season with us and few come in..."
    0018 October 11, 1927. Letter from Charlotte Yale to Miss Ruth. "We sent two boxes yesterday by Parcel Post for the Sales desk. The twelve Hepplewhite Desk sets which we sent belongs to an order which Miss Julia telephoned us 9/14/27 while you were away...The road construction works a real hardship on our Shop."
    0019 November 20, 1927. Letter from Charlotte Yale to Grove Park Inn. "We thank you for your Order NO. L202, dated November 12th. ...We found that we could only send 6 Old Woman and Shoe Sets, but we shall send the others very soon....Jumping Jacks..."