Dr. Marcus W. Alston

Dr. Marcus W. Alston was Asheville's first black physician, according to resource persons (oldsters) and his granddaughter, Mrs. Laura Ford Horne.

Dr. Alston won the Erskine Medal in 1890 for the best examination in surgery at Shaw University, Raleigh, N. C. [The medal is being placed in the Research Center at UNC-A (1977).]

Dr. Marcus W. Alston
Wife: Florence K. Alston
Daughter: Mrs. Sadie Alston Ford
Granddaughter: Mrs. Laura Ford Horne

Mrs. Horne, who resides (1977) at 41 Grail Street, Asheville, N. C. 28801 held the following positions in the Asheville City Schools:

Home Economics Teacher, Ashland Ave. School

Home Economics Teacher, Hill St. School

Home Economics Teacher, S. French Broad School

She retired in June 1973.
Mrs. Horne received her training at Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va. and Winston-Salem Teachers College, Winston-Salem, N. C. (B.S. degree at latter school)

Grandson: Eugene Alston Ford - Deceased, Graduate of Hampton Institute, postal employee for 25 years in D.C.