Paul Dusenbury


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Heritage of Black Highlanders Collection, UNCAsheville Ramsey Library

"Paul Dusenbury was born August 18, 1905 in Asheville, N.C. He was the seventh child of the late Dr. C. B. Dusenbury and Lula Martin Dusenbury. He departed this life Saturday May 9, 1964 at the age of 58.

His early training was under the influence of his father, who was principal of the Calvary Presbyterian Parochial School. After completing the course offered, he matriculated at Johnson C. Smith University, in the high school department. He completed both high school and undergraduate requirements of Johnson C. Smith University, receiving a B.S. degree in education and psychology.

His first assignment as a teacher was in Durham County where he spent one year. He later came to Asheville to become a teacher at Stephens-Lee High School. His most significant achievement in this position was the organization of the high school band.

Later he was appointed principal at Hill St. Elementary School, a position he held for nine years. During this period he completed the requirements for the masters degree in education administration and supervision from the University of Michigan.

Under his supervision Hill Street School became an accredited grammar school. Afterwards he accepted the principalship of Hudgins High School in Marion, N.C. where he served for six years.

His last position was that of principal of Dunbar Elementary School in Forest City, N.C. He has been missed by all who knew him, and remembered by those who came under his influence."

Note: From obituary of Paul Dusenbury.