Fred Pope Martin, Sr.



Fred Pope Martin, Sr. was born in Asheville, N. C., August 1882. At an early age, he was baptized and confirmed at St. Matthias Episcopal Church where he remained a member until his death.

He received his early education at St. Matthias Parochial School, Catholic Hill School, Asheville, N.C. and tailoring at Hampton Institute, Hampton, Virginia. Miss Elnora Folsom, a niece of President Grover Cleveland, aided him in his education at Hampton Institute. Miss Folsom developed a lasting friendship with his parents.

He was married in 1903 to Queen Victoria Priestly and they had five children.

His first tailor shop was established on the eastside of Pack Square during the years of 1914 - 1916. From there, he was able to set up a more permanent shop at 29 College Street during the years 1916 - 1926. This property was a 10-year lease from Patrick McIntire.

His set up was tailoring, alterations, cleaning and pressing. His hired help averaged around four.

He died in 1926.