A History of Berry Temple United Methodist Church

[Founded in 1887]

Berry Temple United Methodist Church, 334 College Street, Asheville, North Carolina, was founded by Miss Alsie Dole in 1887, who was at the time Superintendent of Allen Home School. Miss Dole realized the need for religious training at the school and opened a Sunday School which developed into a Methodist Espiscopal [Episcopal] Church. Services were held in the Allen School chapel for 18 years with various ministers conducting services.

In 1896 a church lot was purchased by Rev. M.M. Jones. Later an old house was purchased and placed on the lot. This proved to be an unsatisfactory church site, and in 1900 Rev. Albert Cottingham found a lot on College Street and with $58.00, an exchange of the Hill Street property was made for the present site.

From 1900-1905 with earnest prayer, hard work and cooperation from members and friends the first Berry Temple Methodist Espicopal [Episcopal] Church was erected under the leadership of Rev. N.O. Shamborguer. A grand opening was held and the church was named for Bishop Berry.

The Church continued to grow and prosper under the leadership of many pastors. In 1925 Rev. G. Haven Caldwell was appointed to Berry Temple, under his leadership the second parsonage was purchased on Woodfin Street opposite the present Church site.

In 1939 the word Espiscopal [Episcopal] was dropped by the General Conference. In 1940 Rev. L.A. Brown was assigned to Berry Temple Methodist Church. Reverend Brown served the church for seventeen years, after which came Rev. Marshall McCollum, following him was Rev. James T. Jones. Following Rev. Jones was Rev. M.C. Hickman who is the present pastor, and lives in the church parsonage which is on Taft Ave. in Roosevelt Park.