History of the Brown Temple

[Founded in 1924]

A brief history of the Brown Temple, the only Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Asheville. It was organized in 1924 by the Rev. R. O. Langford in the auditorium of the Stephens-Lee High School; it was named in honor of Bishop R. T. Brown.

The first minister of the church was Rev. J. H. Brown (no relation to the Bishop). The twelve charter members were Mrs. Ora Alexander, David Briggs, G. W. Byrd, Mr. and Mrs. Jeter, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kilpatrick, Mrs. C. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Miles, Hamp Sligh, and C. R. White.

The earliest services were held in the YMI auditorium and the Calvary Presbyterian Church on the corner of S. Market and Eagle Streets; later the services were held in the Church at 57 Eagle St.

The congregation purchased a lot on the corner of Livingston and Congress Streets, and started to build a church, but later decided to buy the church building on the corner of Phifer and Blanton Streets. This property was used until a new church was built in 1979.

In 1930 the founder Rev. R. O. Langford returned to Asheville as pastor of the church. During his stay at the church, he reduced the debt of $22,000 to $12,000 and increased the membership from 60 to 400. Some great work was done under his leadership. Listed below are the names of some of the ministers that have served the church, also some of the presiding Elders.


1924    Rev. I. H. Brown

1926    Rev. C. H. Daniel

1927    Rev. Nelson Christ

1928    Rev. R. W. Smith

1928    Rev. J. L. Pickens

1929    Rev. E. L. Johnson

1930    Rev. R. O. Langford

Presiding Elders

Rev. A. Hawks

Rev. W. L. Lyles

Rev. C. Golphon

Rev. Roberts

Rev. J. L. Pickens

Rev. E. T. Woods

Rev. W. E. Wilson