Hopkins Chapel

[Founded in 1868]

Hopkins Chapel AMEZ Church was established in the year of our lord 1868, by a Reverend Tillery, who had asked for permission to preach to the black members of Central Methodist Church which was located on Church Street. Rev. Tillery was told by the minister of Central Methodist Church if he wanted to preach to the blacks of Central Methodist, he would have to do it in a church of his own.

After he was refused an opportunity to preach in the church to which these blacks belonged, it was time for the black members to take some kind of action, and they did just that.

Reverend Tillery was a good organizer, so he instructed the members to meet in front of Central Methodist Church, which they did, and from there they marched to the foot of Beaucatcher Mountain singing We are marching to Zion, and other familiar hymns. After reaching their destination, they held a service, and on that spot the members built a brush arbor which was used until they could build a more substantial building.

The first church building was near the present building at College and Pine Streets; it was a small but beautiful church. But the building was burned to the ground in 1907. The congregation worshipped in the auditorium of the YMI building until 1910 when the new and present church was completed.

The church was named after Reverend Hopkins who was the next pastor after Reverend Tillery, the founder of the Church. The church that was completed in 1910 was built by James V. Miller and Company. The church has a long and beautiful history.