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Heritage of Black Highlanders Collection, UNCAsheville Ramsey Library

Title: First Grade

Series: Hill Street School
Record Number: P77.
Acquisition Information:
Donor Number: 30; Acquisition Date: 10/77
Date: 1923
People: Miss Vivian Cline (Cooper), teacher
Organizations: Hill Street School, 125 Hill St, Asheville, NC
Remarks: Gilbert Sligh (picture given by?)
Note the over-aged children in this first grade.
I was teaching fifth grade at this school, also in 1923. There was no such thing as "social promotions" during this era, and some students were kept in primary grades until they were 16 or 17 years old. Of course, many dropped out of school and went to work. [Lucy S. Herring]
Subjects: Schools
Photographer: unknown
Studio: unknown
Marks: "70," crease down center, upper right corner torn off
Medium: 6.5" x 8.5" positive print