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Heritage of Black Highlanders Collection, UNCAsheville Ramsey Library

Title: Caning Chair Seats

Series: Asheville State Summer School
Record Number: P77.
Acquisition Information:
Donor Number: 30; Acquisition Date: 10/77
Date: between 1917-1938
People: Front, left to right: 1. Janet Kebe 2. Ethel Foster, 3. Nettie S. Candler, 4. Winifred Allen, 5. Gertie Mance, 6. Lucille Shepard.  Back, left to right: 1. J. H. Michael, 2. unidentified, 3. Creola Bernette, 4. Mamie Bell, 5. Hattie Anderson, 6. C. U. Reynolds, 7. Blanche Graham, 8. unidentified, 9. unidentified, 10. Hattie Love.
Organizations: Asheville State Summer School
Remarks: Asheville State Summer School (under the auspices of Winston-Salem Teachers College)
J.W. Michael, Founder and Director, 1917-1938
Subjects: Teacher Education
Photographer: unknown
Studio: unknown
Marks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 on ground in front of first row.   Diagonal crack across lower left corner
Medium: 8" x 9.75" positive print