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Heritage of Black Highlanders Collection, UNCAsheville Ramsey Library

Title: Negro Democratic Leaders

Series: Eugene Smith
Record Number: P77.
Acquisition Information:
Donor Number: 30; Acquisition Date: 10/77
Date: unknown
People: Left to right, William Lonesome, Charleston, W.Va; A. T. Walden, Atlanta; Eugene Smith, Asheville, N.C.; Walter Aiken, Atlanta; Stephen A. Mitchell, National Democratic Committee Chariman; Dr. Marshall Shepherd, Philadelphia; Mrs. Eugene Smith, Asheville, N.C.; Andrew M. Bradley, Harrisburg, Pa.; Mercer Mance, Indianapolis; Raymond Pace Alexander, Philadelphia; and Dr. I.J. K. Wells, Charleston, W. Va.
Organizations: Democratic Party
Remarks: Stephen A. Mitchell, National Democratic Committee Chairman (center) meets some of the Negro Democratic leaders attending the "grass roots" conference called in Washington last week by Congressman William L. Dawson
Subjects: Political Parties
Photographer: Fred Harris
Studio: 1435 Montello Ave, N. E., Atlantic 5019, Wash. 2. D.C.
Marks: none
Medium: 8" x 10" positive print