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Heritage of Black Highlanders Collection, UNCAsheville Ramsey Library
E. W. Pearson, Sr:  bhcP77.

Photograph made October 24, 1937 by the Chicago Defender Publishing Co., Chicago, Illinois
Born January 25, 1872, in Glen Alpine, NC.  Enlisted in the U.S. Army in Jelico, TN, February 14, 1893.  Discharged at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, February 14, 1898.   Moved to Asheville, NC, August 6, 1906.  Opened Sub-Division in West Asheville, NC for new settlement for Race members Labor Day, September, 1912.   Founder and organizer of the Buncombe County District Agricultural Fair, September, 1914.  First fair held in Pearson Park, Park View, West Asheville, NC, by E. W. Pearson November 20, 1914.