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Heritage of Black Highlanders Collection, UNCAsheville Ramsey Library

Title: Isaac Dickson Property ("Dixon Town")

Series: Isaac Dickson
Record Number: P77.
Acquisition information:
Donor Number: 30; Acquisition Date: 10/77
View: looking north across Valley Street, towards Jackson Building and Asheville City Courthouse, from the yard of St. Matthias Episcopal Church
Construction Date: N/A
Address: Valley Street, near Beaumont
Historic Function: residential and business
Architect: N/A
Remarks: We certify from personal examination that this is a photograph of "view of city of [Dixon Town] Asheville, picture taken with camera" located at "placed in church yard of St. Matthias Episcopal Ch. directly in front of church bldg."  Signed "Horton McLean Invt. Corp." By "WDMcLean, V.P."
Mrs. Jessie H. Stokes; Isaac Dickson
"Dixon Town"
Subjects: Businesses
Photographer: unknown
Studio: unknown
Marks: "church yard" in lower right corner; tear in upper left corner
Medium: 7.5" x 9.5" positive sepia-toned print