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Artist notes:

Summer + Fall 1976

In the summer of [1976] I made my first trip abroad - to Europe, to Italy; the first of many trips I would make in the future.

When I made this first trip, I had absolutely no money.  My first year of graduate study at the University of Georgia was just finished.  But, through the encouragement of fellow students who had made the trip the previous summer, I was convinced I had to try to make the "journey."  I asked my parents for the money.  Having sent both of my brothers on a European excursion when they were in high school, my parents felt it only fair that they should send me, a graduate student in art, to Europe as well.

The University of Georgia was the sponsor of the Italian trip.  Established by Jack Kehoe, a professor in the sculpture department, the program was entitled The University of Georgia Studies Abroad Program.  For nine weeks a group of advanced art students and several professors lived and worked as artists in a Tuscan town called Cortona.  This small Etrurian city came to be the home of my heart after that first summer abroad.

The cost of travel, room + board, and tuition was $3,000.  My parents provided this fee for me along with $200 extra for spending money.  The first thing that I purchased after our train from Paris arrived in Florence was this sketch book.  When I saw the quality of paper in this sketch book, I knew that I was purchasing something that would be a treasure to me.  Yes, it has remained so ever since 1976 - my first trip abroad, my first time to visit New York City, my first time ever to fly.  This sketch book is, indeed, special.

Other places that were a first for me, of course, was Paris, Pisa, Rome, Orvietto, then Cortona.  From Cortona we took weekend excursions to Arrezzo, Voltera, Urbino.  I forgot to mention that after Rome we went to Paestum and Herculaneum; took a days visit to Capri.  It wax and exhausting summer since no moment was wasted in non-observation of people, things, and monuments around me. 

I would like to make a note that my first semester at the University of Georgia was spent in intense learning from Lamar Dodd.  Lamar had long since retired (he was 80) but still maintained an office in the art department.  I was truly fortunate to have him as a professor.  He had been Tucker Cooke's professor.  Now Tucker had sent me to learn from Dodd, as well.  Dodd's greatest gift to me was to draw with gestural energy.  Looking back on it, I see that Tucker taught me classical outline of Flaxxmann or Fusey.  Lamar was Delacroix and Gericault, Daumier, under Dodd's tutelage especially one particular moment in class one morning, I experienced my first epiphany in drawing.  I shall never forget it.  and in this sketchbook I applied his instruction via the gestural mode along with varied value of line throughout.

This sketchbook features portraits (my favorite subject) throughout.  At first there are my fellow students, as always, hard at work.  Then there are pieces of sculpture seen at the Bargello in Florence (Donatello's David then Verrochio's David) soon we were in Rome again where I was much moved by the Hellecnistic piece The Dying Niobid.  Classical sculpture is great subject matter for a drawing.  Not only is it perfectly made but it sits absolutely still for the draughts man who might care to study it from all angles.

I admit to being taken aback somewhat by Donatello's David.  I couldn't get past the femininity of the figure.  Of course I had seen man photos of it before, but, to stand before it "eye to eye" as it were, well, I admit to being shocked.  The helmet?  A broad brimmed hat with flowers.  The torso?  A small feminine belly.  The posture?  Feminine and inviting.  The face?  Passive as if it were all for show.  And then Goliath's head lay on the ground.  His helmet sported a long black feather that lay along the inside right leg right up along the leg to where the tip of the feather just misses carressment of the beautiful David's testicle.  Yes, it can't can't be said enough that one must experience art in person.  A mere photograph will never reveal such subtitles.


April 17, 2010





I.D. # Title - Description Medium


1 1 cabl_1976_0001 cover mixed cabl_1976_0001.jpg (374681 bytes)
  2 0002 "Stephen

LAR Studio

July 14, 1976


graphite cabl_1976_0002.jpg (240174 bytes)
  3 0003 "Bonnie

writes in her journal

in her studio~

July, 14, '76 Cortona"

graphite cabl_1976_0003.jpg (198524 bytes)
  4 0004 "Robert

contemplating a

cup of cappuccino.

On the balcony of Tonino's, July 15, '76,


graphite cabl_1976_0004.jpg (211202 bytes)
  5 0005 "Ann

works on wax model in sculpture studio

July 15, '76, Cortona"

graphite cabl_1976_0005.jpg (229671 bytes)
  6 0006 study of an old man graphite cabl_1976_0006.jpg (91200 bytes)
  7 0007 "Ellen

in her own world

July 20, '76"


graphite cabl_1976_0007.jpg (102822 bytes)
  8 0008 study of a frog graphite cabl_1976_0008.jpg (170743 bytes)
  9 0009 "The Dying Niobid

Rome, 1976"

graphite cabl_1976_0009.jpg (143868 bytes)
  10 0010 "Dying Niobid, Rome, 1976" graphite cabl_1976_0010.jpg (61692 bytes)
  11 0011 "Dying Niobid, 1976" graphite cabl_1976_0011.jpg (76701 bytes)
  12 0012 "Dying Niobid, 1976" graphite cabl_1976_0012.jpg (184609 bytes)
  13 0013 "Temptation of St. Anthony, my version" ink cabl_1976_0013.jpg (283612 bytes)
  14 0014 "Donatello's David

Bargello, August 7, 1976"

graphite cabl_1976_0014.jpg (101412 bytes)
  15 0015 "Donatells' David Bargello, August 8, 1976"
graphite cabl_1976_0015.jpg (114870 bytes)
  16 0016 "Study of Donatello's David, Bargello, Aug. 8, 1976" graphite cabl_1976_0016.jpg (125849 bytes)
  17 0017 "Study of Donatello's Davind in the Bugello Frienge, Aug. 8, 1976" graphite cabl_1976_0017.jpg (146335 bytes)
  18 0018 "Study of Donatello's David, Bugello Frienge, Aug. 8, '76" ink cabl_1976_0018.jpg (165776 bytes)
  19 0019 Donatello's David Bugello Frienge, Aug. 8, 1976" ink cabl_1976_0019.jpg (118440 bytes)
  20 0020 "Venochio's David Bugello Frieng, Aug. 8, '76" ink cabl_1976_0020.jpg (145015 bytes)
  21 0021 "Verrochio's David" ink cabl_1976_0021.jpg (208995 bytes)
  22 0022 "Verochio's David" ink cabl_1976_0022.jpg (180958 bytes)
  23 0023 "Scene of last judgment from Orvietto Cathedral - Aug. 8, 1976.  Many multibous." ink cabl_1976_0023.jpg (172345 bytes)
  24 0024 "Goofy Etruscan Birds Etruscan Museum, Orvietto Aug. 9, 1976" ink cabl_1976_0024.jpg (89849 bytes)
  25 0025 "Etruscan fusion arranged in dancing fashion.  Etruscan museum.  Orvietto, Aug. 9, 1976" ink cabl_1976_0025.jpg (80633 bytes)
  26 0026 "A figure from facade of Orvetto Cathedral, up high.  Last Judgement panel~ Aug. 9, 1976" ink cabl_1976_0026.jpg (168365 bytes)
  27 0027 "Concert in Cortona" ink cabl_1976_0027.jpg (120117 bytes)
  28 0028 "Concert in Cortona" ink cabl_1976_0028.jpg (162301 bytes)
  29 0029 "Concert in Cortona" ink cabl_1976_0029.jpg (109859 bytes)
  30 0030 "Concert in Cortona" ink cabl_1976_0030.jpg (124225 bytes)
  31 0031 "recorder"

"Concert in Cortona"

ink cabl_1976_0031.jpg (175191 bytes)
  32 0032 "Concert in Cortona" ink cabl_1976_0032.jpg (182280 bytes)
  33 0033 "Concert in Cortona" ink cabl_1976_0033.jpg (85153 bytes)
  34 0034 "Concert in Cortona" ink cabl_1976_0034.jpg (73284 bytes)
  35 0035 "Draw hands more

Youth will not hold still"

graphite cabl_1976_0035.jpg (235930 bytes)
  36 0036 "Piazza in Cortona" graphite cabl_1976_0036.jpg (517273 bytes)
  37 0037 "Portrait of Jef Watson" graphite cabl_1976_0037.jpg (320270 bytes)
  38 0038 "Model at UNC-A" graphite cabl_1976_0038.jpg (296357 bytes)
  39 0039 "Gesture DWG. of UNCA model" graphite cabl_1976_0039.jpg (218369 bytes)
  40 0040 "Gesture DWG. of model at UNC-A" graphite cabl_1976_0040.jpg (210379 bytes)
  41 0041 "Linear study of a plant." graphite cabl_1976_0041.jpg (120828 bytes)
  42 0042 "Fern" ink cabl_1976_0042.jpg (282168 bytes)
  43 0043 "Studies of Tom breaking bread" ink cabl_1976_0043.jpg (230039 bytes)
  44 0044 "Study of Tom" ink cabl_1976_0044.jpg (231208 bytes)
  45 0045 "Figure Study (T.)" graphite cabl_1976_0045.jpg (147299 bytes)
  46 0046 "Figure Study (T.)" graphite cabl_1976_0046.jpg (189111 bytes)
  47 0047 "Figure Study" graphite cabl_1976_0047.jpg (171183 bytes)
  48 0048 "Figure study, crouching figure" graphite cabl_1976_0048.jpg (153025 bytes)
  49 0049 "Figure study, T." graphite cabl_1976_0049.jpg (206086 bytes)
  50 0050 "Figure study, T." graphite cabl_1976_0050.jpg (159682 bytes)
  51 0051 "Aemurcher, GA." ink cabl_1976_0051.jpg (188212 bytes)
  52 0052 5 figures on a landscape ink cabl_1976_0052.jpg (130445 bytes)
  53 0053 "Tom" graphite cabl_1976_0053.jpg (113331 bytes)
  54 0054 "Tom" graphite cabl_1976_0054.jpg (103000 bytes)
  55 0055 6 figures ink cabl_1976_0055.jpg (192970 bytes)
  56 0056 "Ylva" graphite cabl_1976_0056.jpg (133802 bytes)
  57 0057 2 figures graphite cabl_1976_0057.jpg (318289 bytes)
  58 0058 "Death takes us all" graphite cabl_1976_0058.jpg (365569 bytes)
  59 0059 upside-down living room scene

2 nude figures

ink cabl_1976_0059.jpg (191497 bytes)
  60 0060 "Jund



"By Tom Pitts against my wishes"

ink cabl_1976_0060.jpg (83993 bytes)
  61 0061 "Memory of Cortona" graphite cabl_1976_0061.jpg (243200 bytes)
  62 0062 "Hotel Plaisance

53 Rue de Gergovie

75014 Paris

Tele 567-11-39

Memo: Plaissance

Burn leaves for airport 24 August 7am"

ink cabl_1976_0062.jpg (166442 bytes)
  63 0063 gesture drawing of a man crouching down, possibly two figures. graphite cabl_1976_0063.jpg (218932 bytes)
  64 0064 landscape ink cabl_1976_0064.jpg (270844 bytes)