cabl_2001_0004.jpg (561711 bytes) cabl_2001_0007.jpg (490403 bytes) cabl_2001_0014.jpg (360620 bytes) cabl_2001_0019.jpg (393276 bytes) cabl_2001_0022.jpg (435133 bytes) cabl_sclp_018.jpg (199879 bytes)


cabl_2001_0037.jpg (418047 bytes)   cabl_2001_0038.jpg (205062 bytes)

Artist's notes:


In October of 2001 I bought this small sketch book to take with me on a birding trip to Veracruz, Mexico.  My birding mentor, Sara Ann Joselson, asked some months earlier if I would accompany her on a trip sponsored by Hawk Mountain, PA.  The trip would last ten days altogether, the group would be comprised of expert birders, a dozen, altogether, from various places in the US.  What an opportunity and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.  Unfortunately this sketch book is not directly reflective of this fantastic experience.  I took a camera.  And, unfortunately, a camera is quite detrimental to the direct drawing experience.  But how could there be any argument when it comes to the convenience of image making when it can be made so easily, so quickly.  Nontheless, the few drawing notations here suffice.  The bird trip was on the move constantly.  We were up and on our small van/bus at 4am(!) each morning, in order to get a special species of birds (the great Todi, for example) and we were not back in our hotel rooms until quite late and after we were quite exhausted.

Veracruz, aside from having a plethora of species of birds, is the fly way for raptors migrating to South America or Central America for the winter.  Thus the sponsorship by Hawk Mountain, PA.  Aside from the few whimsical entries about the Veracruz trip, most of the drawings have to do with the development of ideas for small pieces of sculpture.  I had discovered the fun/joys if sculpture clay.  I will enclose a CD of small sculptures done during this period of time.  One can see the birth of the reality in the drawings.

Otherwise, pieces herein speak for themselves -



I.D. # Title - Description Medium


3 1 cabl_2001_0001 front cover mixed cabl_2001_0040.jpg (555858 bytes)
  2 0002 Sioux City, Sioux

Ed the Missing Link Played by Kevin Spacey

October 1, 2001

Finished packing, straightening the house and left for the airport.  Advice to arrive three hours early due to upped security was unnecessary.  Security checks nothing more than any previous times.  Intimidation in the air, however.  Long wait for flight; met other Hawk Mtn. participants.  Harold writing his kung-fu journal.  Betsy and Nancy.  Catherine and Liz (mother-daughter), Steven Hoffman, Sue Wolfe, and Laurie director of the group.  Flight to Houston;  flight to Veracruz.  Arrive in room too tiered to sleep.

October 2,

Up at 5 to take stroll on hotel macumbo grounds.  Ferryginous pygmy owl appears looking as if it were ready for the days rest.  It was pursued by two different groups of birders for two hours thereafter.  A multitude of birds seen in just two or three hours.  On to Cardel.  Lunch.  Time to Crash.  Didn't happen.  Went to Farmacia with Liz + Betsy.  The small town of Cardel is filled with curious but warm people.  I could feel at home here.  A real sense of community.  But still a strange, primitive magic sort of place.

in cabl_2001_0001.jpg (519234 bytes)
  3 0003 cabl_2001_0002.jpg (436043 bytes) Early morning flight to Houston ink  
  4 0004 Ed, the missing link, tells his story ink cabl_2001_0003.jpg (464683 bytes)
  5 0005 a kid again graphite cabl_2001_0004.jpg (561711 bytes)
  6 0006 Thursday, Oct. 4, 2001 ink cabl_2001_0005.jpg (728646 bytes)
  7 0007 figure holding binoculars ink cabl_2001_0006.jpg (455071 bytes)
  8 0008 bird with human feet ink cabl_2001_0007.jpg (490403 bytes)
  9 0009 bird's head on a human body ink cabl_2001_0008.jpg (386805 bytes)
  10 0010 bird in a dress with finger-like feathers ink cabl_2001_0009.jpg (440196 bytes)
  11 0011 cabl_2001_0010.jpg (612395 bytes) mom's birthplace - 1926 photograph printed on copy paper  
  12 0012 figure with something on its back ink cabl_2001_0011.jpg (416202 bytes)
  13 0013 nude female figure ink cabl_2001_0012.jpg (396316 bytes)
  14 0014 female figure ink cabl_2001_0013.jpg (404014 bytes)
  15 0015 figure with monster on its back ink cabl_2001_0014.jpg (360620 bytes)
  16 0016 on fire within ink cabl_2001_0015.jpg (388033 bytes)
  17 0017 figure from Cluny ink cabl_2001_0016.jpg (498991 bytes)
  18 0018 sometimes love's not what its cracked up to be...

let's try putting the pieces back together...

ink cabl_2001_0017.jpg (376075 bytes)
  19 0019 study of a female ink cabl_2001_0018.jpg (432030 bytes)
  20 0020 four figures standing at a bus stop ink cabl_2001_0019.jpg (393276 bytes)
  21 0021 bird in boots ink cabl_2001_0020.jpg (370969 bytes)
  22 0022 two figures ink cabl_2001_0021.jpg (387237 bytes)


  23 0023 "when you are gone, part of me goes missing..." ink cabl_2001_0022.jpg (435133 bytes)
  24 0024 figure ink cabl_2001_0023.jpg (352528 bytes)
  25 0025 "going home" ink cabl_2001_0024.jpg (501823 bytes)
  26 0026 "three headed helplessness" ink cabl_2001_0025.jpg (373701 bytes)
  27 0027 "take another little piece of my heart..." ink cabl_2001_0026.jpg (409190 bytes)
  28 0028 cabl_2001_0027.jpg (652339 bytes) cloud ink  
  29 0029 male figure ink cabl_2001_0028.jpg (448165 bytes)
  30 0030 cabl_2001_0029.jpg (747308 bytes) cloud graphite  
  31 0031 tree graphite cabl_2001_0030.jpg (440729 bytes)
  32 0032 monkey graphite cabl_2001_0031.jpg (468689 bytes)
  33 0033 "tired dog" ink cabl_2001_0032.jpg (451589 bytes)
  34 0034 figure with something tied to its back ink cabl_2001_0033.jpg (546204 bytes)
  35 0035 "first born" graphite cabl_2001_0034.jpg (321620 bytes)
  36 0036 "hung out to dry" ink cabl_2001_0035.jpg (489642 bytes)
  37 0037 "Harold was on her mind..." ink cabl_2001_0036.jpg (441172 bytes)
  38 0038 cabl_2001_0039.jpg (636492 bytes) Back cover    
Sculpture Photographs Included in the Sketchbook
Box Item I.D. # Title - Description Thumbnail
3 cabl_sclp_001 Woman with a shell hat. cabl_sclp_001.jpg (194933 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_002 Sara Lyday cabl_sclp_002.jpg (215853 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_003 The Bride cabl_sclp_003.jpg (134118 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_004 Woman in a red dress. cabl_sclp_004.jpg (160079 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_005 Going Home cabl_sclp_005.jpg (171025 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_006 The Hostess cabl_sclp_006.jpg (200181 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_007 The Seer cabl_sclp_007.jpg (152746 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_008 From Greek Prototype cabl_sclp_008.jpg (322914 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_009 Hurts cabl_sclp_009.jpg (270059 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_010 The Great Love Luck Bird cabl_sclp_010.jpg (269327 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_011 Sissers cabl_sclp_011.jpg (286454 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_012 Big Green Grump Bird cabl_sclp_012.jpg (106627 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_013 Wedding Bird cabl_sclp_013.jpg (311397 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_014 At the Reception, in the Frame cabl_sclp_014.jpg (240931 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_015 Aunt Lydia cabl_sclp_015.jpg (227477 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_016 Platypus Angel cabl_sclp_016.jpg (214441 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_017 Love Hurts cabl_sclp_017.jpg (212505 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_018 Such an Angel cabl_sclp_018.jpg (199879 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_019 The Doubtful Couple cabl_sclp_019.jpg (203958 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_020 The Pupeteer cabl_sclp_020.jpg (224331 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_021 Mermaid cabl_sclp_021.jpg (184810 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_022 The Birder, a Tribute to Sara Ann cabl_sclp_022.jpg (192369 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_023 Rosie, the Spoonbill cabl_sclp_023.jpg (195697 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_024 The Great Red Wing Good Luck Bird cabl_sclp_024.jpg (176877 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_025 At the Reception cabl_sclp_025.jpg (297730 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_026 The New Dress! cabl_sclp_026.jpg (58071 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_027 Aunt Renee cabl_sclp_027.jpg (268809 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_028 The Pretty New Dress (detail) cabl_sclp_028.jpg (228753 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_029 Indian Woman With Babe cabl_sclp_029.jpg (146765 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_030 Woman and Babe (work in prgress) cabl_sclp_030.jpg (209346 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_031 Madonna and Child cabl_sclp_031.jpg (315166 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_032 Broken Heart cabl_sclp_032.jpg (172552 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_033 Tennis Shoe Bird cabl_sclp_033.jpg (141275 bytes)
  cabl_sclp_034 Waiting for the Bus cabl_sclp_034.jpg (154079 bytes)