Artist notes:


This sketch book represents images from two very important years.  In 1980, I returned to graduate school at the University of Georgia to complete my MA in Art History.  In July of 1980, I met Eric Head.  Eric was my brother's apartment mate in Asheville.  He had just been newly hired at Champion Papers where my dad and uncles had worked and some still worked there.  Eric was from New Hartford, NY and a recent graduate of Syracuse University.  So, I was in love again.  An interesting aspect of this relationship was that Eric was ten years younger than I.  This would factor into many situations in the five years we lived together in Asheville.  But none of that here.  This is about drawing + sketch books; but, drawing and sketch books have to be about life, the life would explain a lot about the drawings, after-all.

In 1980, I began my first year of teaching at University level.  Tucker Cooke who was my professor and mentor hired me as an adjunct instructor in art.  I would teach a beginning drawing/design class as well as a post-renaissance art history class.  Too, too, I was commuting back + forth to Athens, GA from Asheville once a week .  I was finishing up course requirements and working on my thesis.

This sketchbook shows, again, ideas but also direct observation from life: Eric sleeping, musicians performing (one of my favorite subjects), and expression of the deeply personal thru the visual.


cabl_1980-81_0042.jpg (356767 bytes)




I.D. # Title - Description Medium


  1 cabl_1980-81_0001 cover mixed cabl_1980-81_0001.jpg (527745 bytes)
  2 0002 "Oliver Riley 549-1714

John 549-2673

I don't preach white...  I don't preach black...  I preach green... pretend the.

miles from Asheville to Athens

20,615 8

$432.50 Christogen 546-8782

Guy Carlton Wiggins (1883-1962) "Snow Storm on the Avenue" On the Air Tom Shades Bech is Back John Updike

Alan G. Collier 546-8782

$30 11:55 AM 2:40 PM 10:30 PM 11:40 PM 2:95 Sept. 7, '82 tuesday morn.

12:40-10:30 PM

Dan Fossitt 205-661-4407


The Visual Arts: a History High Honor + John Fleman Private Hall 1982


mixed cabl_1980-81_0002.jpg (293168 bytes)
  3 0003 female figure sitting on a bench ink cabl_1980-81_0003.jpg (157248 bytes)
  4 0004 female figure ink cabl_1980-81_0004.jpg (168179 bytes)
  5 0005 figure sitting on a rock ink cabl_1980-81_0005.jpg (131709 bytes)
  6 0006 dresser ink cabl_1980-81_0006.jpg (203482 bytes)
  7 0007 "Oh, well...

American social consciousness

You can't fuel a Matrse today on this puritan, post Fredan, quiet redder, American Society.  paraphrased Hughes."

ink cabl_1980-81_0007.jpg (187444 bytes)
  8 0008 two male figures ink cabl_1980-81_0008.jpg (173956 bytes)
  9 0009 figure playing guitar ink cabl_1980-81_0009.jpg (177771 bytes)
  10 0010 woman with a baby ink cabl_1980-81_0010.jpg (182891 bytes)
  11 0011 "Eric sleeping" ink cabl_1980-81_0011.jpg (202062 bytes)
  12 0012 "The cult of self-abuse the American society the cult of self-destruction the American society

Sept. 19, '82 - today is Ray's birthday he would have been 37."

ink cabl_1980-81_0012.jpg (197792 bytes)
  13 0013 [assumed] Eric Head sleeping ink cabl_1980-81_0013.jpg (161515 bytes)
  14 0014 "The black gate opens Simon had taken the profaned bait in jaws of steel." ink cabl_1980-81_0014.jpg (305646 bytes)
  15 0015 Gandolf +Gimli lead the way through Moria ink cabl_1980-81_0015.jpg (258654 bytes)
  16 0016 male and female figures at a gathering ink cabl_1980-81_0016.jpg (240886 bytes)
  17 0017 "Webb Cove Road" ink cabl_1980-81_0017.jpg (263347 bytes)
  18 0018 [assumed] portrait of Eric Head ink cabl_1980-81_0018.jpg (202768 bytes)
  19 0019 "Eric" ink cabl_1980-81_0019.jpg (194179 bytes)
  20 0020 [assumed] portrait of Eric Head ink cabl_1980-81_0020.jpg (158150 bytes)
  21 0021 adult female figure and young male figure ink cabl_1980-81_0021.jpg (185561 bytes)
  22 0022 "Serialistic simultaneity

I hate Christmas cards

Look, Claw, I've had it with you.  Pack up your reindeer + gear and get your ass off my property."

ink cabl_1980-81_0022.jpg (179937 bytes)
  23 0023 "I wish I had a river I would skate away on ----- ink cabl_1980-81_0023.jpg (172334 bytes)
  24 0024 man playing flute graphite cabl_1980-81_0024.jpg (263860 bytes)
  25 0025  

woman playing an instrument

graphite cabl_1980-81_0025.jpg (214018 bytes)
  26 0026 figure playing an instrument graphite cabl_1980-81_0026.jpg (243393 bytes)
  27 0027 figure playing flute graphite cabl_1980-81_0027.jpg (312348 bytes)
  28 0028 "Red Clay Ramblers" graphite cabl_1980-81_0028.jpg (230185 bytes)
  29 0029 "Tommy Thompson, Red Clay Ramblers" graphite cabl_1980-81_0029.jpg (144576 bytes)
  30 0030 The back of a man ink cabl_1980-81_0030.jpg (160551 bytes)
  31 0031 "500 pounds" ink cabl_1980-81_0031.jpg (183411 bytes)
  32 0032 Cyclops graphite cabl_1980-81_0032.jpg (273119 bytes)
  33 0033 "Idea for installation" graphite cabl_1980-81_0033.jpg (353607 bytes)
  34 0034 "Tony Lord's House" graphite cabl_1980-81_0034.jpg (243577 bytes)
  35 0035 Face hiding behind a blanket ink cabl_1980-81_0035.jpg (115628 bytes)
  36 0036 "Eric comes home" ink cabl_1980-81_0036.jpg (196860 bytes)
  37 0037 "Dorm before my meeting w/ Senor Ponce 6/20/83

Oh well, it wasn't this bad.

The altar of academia."

ink cabl_1980-81_0037.jpg (191430 bytes)
  38 0038 "Senor Ponce" ink cabl_1980-81_0038.jpg (176568 bytes)
  39 0039 "The way it's supposed to be ain't' the way it is...

... two guys making out; I was shocked... first time to see"

graphite cabl_1980-81_0039.jpg (104863 bytes)
  40 0040 "homeless man" ink cabl_1980-81_0040.jpg (160047 bytes)
  41 0041 "John Hawkins" ink cabl_1980-81_0041.jpg (191551 bytes)