Dianne Cable


1980 Sketch Book; black, hardbound, 5.5" x 8.5", butterfly sticker on front.

This volume would represent the latter half of 1980, the beginning of the "Eric Error," (1980-1985) and thus the "waning" of the Wayne Error.

I moved back to Asheville, NC, in order to live with Eric. Eric was ten years younger than I but was very well employed at Champion Papers in Canton, NC. Note: my father had worked at Champion Papers for 30 years. There he had also helped establish the Local Union 507, the AFL-CIO affiliate of Champion of the Union of Paper mill and Pulp Workers. Later, my father went to work for and retired from the AFL-CIO.

One night on an evening's outing with Eric in Asheville, I saw Tucker Cooke. He asked if I was back in Asheville to stay. When I told him yes, I was offered an adjunct position from Tucker to teach a Basic Design course at UNC-Asheville. Regardless that I had not yet finished my MA in Art History, I told Tucker I would be getting my MA before the year was out. He still offered the position and I accepted. I worked as adjunct faculty in the UNC-Asheville art department, teaching studio and art history courses, from 1980 through 1987.

I still had graduate work remaining in the finishing of my thesis. Thus, this year and part of 1981 found me on the road, commuting from Asheville to Athens twice a week. It was exactly a three hour trip. My father was generous enough to let me have the use of his truck to make the commute.

The summer was a grueling time to make this drive in that temperatures would often be up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Athens and not much lower in Asheville. The truck had a black leather interior with no air conditioning. I was very happy to finish my masters that year and not be bound to that commute any longer.

I don't know how I had time to draw but a sketch book was like part of my body. I didn't feel right unless I had one with me. The drawings represented here are a variation of imaginings, ideas, a few portraits of Eric, and general observations of people and things around me.

This sketch book, too, has notes on Rothko and the Abstract Expressionists. This was what I at first had hoped to be my thesis. However, that changed. My thesis concentration was based on the impact of the new technology of photography on 19th century French artists - specifically Gustave Courbet.

Herein are also journal notes of a car trip Eric and I made to New York, to see his family and old friends of his along the way in December.

Dianne Cable, July 1, 2011