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Artist notes:


Most of the entries in this journal are ideas for commercial work: menus, signs, t-shirts.  There are only a few "life observations" and, what I will call "visions."

On an autobiographical note, I settle in with a more secure feeling with Eric Head in Asheville.  He has a good job at Champion.  I continue teaching as an adjunct at UNC-Asheville.  Teaching, I find, is something that comes naturally to me.  I credit my father with this.  He taught me how to teach.  Since the fourth grade in grammar school, I had listened (halfway) to his sermons and lectures.  Inadvertently I was being taught public speaking.  Thus I had no qualms about standing before a classroom to instruct in a subject I felt seep in my heart and soul.  Any hesitation or self-doubt lay in the feeling that I did not truly know enough to honestly instruct.  I say this about studio instruction not art history.  Just emerging from deep and prolonged emersion in a master's  program in art history, I was a river of fire behind the art history lectern.  Regardless that art history required much more time in class prep than did studio, I felt secure and confident.  At times I may have been over zealous.  However , I felt that my love of the subject required that I imbue it with energy.  I was determined, or, rather I should say hopeful that art history could gain more relevance to my art students.





I.D. # Title - Description Medium


2 1 cabl_1981_0001 cover mixed mod_cabl_1981_0001.jpg (279803 bytes)
  2 cabl_1981_0002 "I heard the news today, oooh boy

'Oh, boy'"

ink mod_cabl_1981_0002.jpg (131755 bytes)
  3 cabl_1981_0003 "Sandwiches


Hot Stuff



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  4 cabl_1981_0004 "March 29



Cheese-  not just plain ole cheese - this is a generous portion of rawmilk cheese with natural mayonnaise, fresh tomato, cukes, sprouts, and salad of the day - whole wheat bread or half pita - 1.50  full pita - 1.85

Hummus - a delicious garbanzo bean spread made with fresh squeezed lemon, tahini, garlic, sea salt and tameri.  Great on pita bread with cukes, tomato, sprouts, and salad of the day - half pita 1.75  full pita - 2.10

Tofu Spread - our tofu is made fresh by a local supplier from soy beans into a soft cheese like food.  We make it into a sandwich spread and serve it with tomato, sprouts and salad of the day - bread or half pita - 1.60  whole pita - 1.95

Egg Salad - fresh eggs with natural mayonnaise, celery, bell pepper and spices, with salad of the day - whole wheat bread or half pita - 1.50  full - 1.85

Tuna Salad - our tuna salad is packed in spring water served with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and salad of the day - whole wheat or half pita or half pita  2.10  whole pita  2.40

Avocado - a good portion of avocado with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, and salad of the day - whole wheat or half pita - 1.75  with cheese - 1.95  full pita - 2.45  with cheese - 2.45

Natural Peanut Butter - on whole wheat bread with choice of two ingrediants: honey, butter, bananas, raisins, carrots, or apple - with salad of the day - 1.50

FOR THE UNDECIDED My Sister's Sampler - your choice of three of our delicious sandwich stuffings surrounded by whole wheat pita bread, vegetables, sprouts, and crackers - 2.25


My Sister's Super Salad - a variety of fresh vegtables, raw milk cheese, hard boiled egg, sprouts, seeds, nuts and crakers - 2.50  side bowl of yogurt - .75  fresh garden salad - 1.25


Soy Sausage Sub - whole wheat sub roll filled with soy sausage (a delicious non-meat sausage roll).  Our special tomato sauce and grated cheese - served hot with chips  full $3.95  half 2.20

Pizza Sub - whole wheat sub roll filled with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and your choice of two fresh vegetables... with chips  full 2.65  half 1.40

Super Sub - (Dagwood Stuie) served cold whole wheat sub roll filled with cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, cukes, carrots, sprouts and chips.  full 2.50  half 1.40

Tuna Sub - whole wheat sub roll filled with our tuna salad, mayonnaise, onion, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and chips  full 2.85  half 1.65


Tuna Melt - open face tuna salad on two slices wheat bread with melted cheese, tomato, sprouts, and choice of daily salad - 2.50

Grilled Cheese - two slices of wheat buttered bread with raw milk cheese grilled to a golden crunch with our daily salad - 1.75

Grilled Tofu - a healthy slice of tofu grilled with tamar and onions on two slices of wheat bread with tomato, sprouts and daily salad - 1.75

Pizza on Pita - one full whole wheat pita bread covered with our special tomato sauce, mozzerella cheese, and your choice of two fresh vegtables to go on the pizza ; with lettuce tomato and sprouts  2.10


Fresh Ground Coffee... one cup - .30  all you can - .60

Juices... Apple Strawberry - .75  Pineapple Coconut - .75  Coconut Milk - .75  Grape Juice - .75 Apple Banana - 1.75

Red Apple Zinger - .50 (combination red zinger tea and apple cider)

Teas - .30   Peppermint  Spearmint  Chamomile  Rosehips  Mandarin Orange Spice  Roastaroma  Red Zinger  Mellow Mint  Cinnamon  Dar Jeleeng"

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  5 cabl_1981_0005 "MY SISTER'S KITCHEN






ink mod_cabl_1981_0005.jpg (369520 bytes)
  6 cabl_1981_0006 assumed boarder for the menu at My Sister's Kitchen ink mod_cabl_1981_0006.jpg (213895 bytes)
  7 cabl_1981_0007 "Antiques Then and Now" graphite mod_cabl_1981_0007.jpg (178586 bytes)
  8 cabl_1981_0008 female figure reading graphite mod_cabl_1981_0008.jpg (146287 bytes)
  9 cabl_1981_0009 "Hot Shot Cafe" graphite mod_cabl_1981_0009.jpg (185641 bytes)
  10 cabl_1981_0010 "Tuna


Stability the Illusion

What fear prompts this?

Well, it's been a while"

ink mod_cabl_1981_0010.jpg (374610 bytes)
  11 cabl_1981_0011 figure graphite mod_cabl_1981_0011.jpg (204438 bytes)
  12 cabl_1981_0012 "Thoughts images come from fantasy because our environment is either ugly and/or dull.

Plasticity, molds clones.  Consistently, homogeneity too much, too many, too large.

Bobby sands dying for a cause.  Long, painful suicide for a social purpose.  How rare, how unique.  The IRA."

graphite mod_cabl_1981_0012.jpg (189926 bytes)
  13 cabl_1981_0013 assumed drawing of abstract sculpture graphite mod_cabl_1981_0013.jpg (258788 bytes)
  14 cabl_1981_0014 assumed study of boarders graphite mod_cabl_1981_0014.jpg (262495 bytes)
  15 cabl_1981_0015 "Patch scaffolding 80' the sun works body.  Unammie lettered sign

Palace barber shop design cocaine Place Podiatry"

graphite/ ink mod_cabl_1981_0015.jpg (222802 bytes)
  16 cabl_1981_0016 "Dody's Sweet Shop" ink mod_cabl_1981_0016.jpg (95486 bytes)
  17 cabl_1981_0017 sketch of a building graphite mod_cabl_1981_0017.jpg (206515 bytes)
  18 cabl_1981_0018 character study of a monk ink mod_cabl_1981_0018.jpg (192877 bytes)
  19 cabl_1981_0019 feet graphite mod_cabl_1981_0019.jpg (135758 bytes)
  20 cabl_1981_0020 gesture drawing of a person graphite mod_cabl_1981_0020.jpg (192985 bytes)
  21 cabl_1981_0021 gesture drawing of a person graphite mod_cabl_1981_0021.jpg (153532 bytes)
  22 cabl_1981_0022 female looking up at a fish graphite mod_cabl_1981_0022.jpg (131324 bytes)
  23 cabl_1981_0023 head with part of the scalp missing graphite mod_cabl_1981_0023.jpg (164417 bytes)
  24 cabl_1981_0024 head split open graphite mod_cabl_1981_0024.jpg (194243 bytes)
  25 cabl_1981_0025 figure sitting down looking off. ink mod_cabl_1981_0025.jpg (129469 bytes)
  26 cabl_1981_0026 figure with brick wall underneath the garment graphite mod_cabl_1981_0026.jpg (270421 bytes)
  27 cabl_1981_0027 morning glories chalk pastels mod_cabl_1981_0027.jpg (289091 bytes)
  28 cabl_1981_0028 "GRUSKY KNIFE WORKS

Mountain Side Blacksmith Shop

Mountain Side Blacksmith Shop

Mountainside Blacksmith Shop

Mountainside Blacksmith Shop

Mountainside Blacksmith Shop"

graphite mod_cabl_1981_0028.jpg (258678 bytes)
  29 cabl_1981_0029 sketches assumed for Mountainside Blacksmith Shop sign graphite mod_cabl_1981_0029.jpg (203928 bytes)
  30 cabl_1981_0030 sketches assumed for Mountainside Blacksmith Shop sign ink mod_cabl_1981_0030.jpg (144590 bytes)
  31 cabl_1981_0031 "Biltmore Shoe Shop" graphite mod_cabl_1981_0031.jpg (185867 bytes)
  32 cabl_1981_0032 figures ink/chalk pastels mod_cabl_1981_0032.jpg (310067 bytes)