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Artist notes:


I was so fortunate to find studio space at the snug harbor cultural center on Staten Island.  The space was small by I shared a giant hallway with other artists.  Knowing that other creative minds were so near helped to close up the alienation and loneliness known too deeply by American artists.  In this environment, I felt my work grow and become bolder.  This sketchbook reflects, again, ideas for paintings, observations from life, and the unending flow of just simple visual thought that would come to mind or visual translations of something flashing by.  In 1993, Barry and I had returned to Cancun; A few sketches here of that: the surf, the beach, the winds.  I spotted a bird on the grounds of the hotel (I saw many birds on this trip but I had my Mexican bird book, not my Peterson or National Geographic) - on that I simply could not identify.  But after making a brief sketch with field notes, and returning home for access to proper references it was a pine warbler, my first I have to add.

In 1993 I had to finally have an operation on my right wrist for carpel tunnel, condition from which I had suffered for years.  the situation was becoming unbearable, however;  could not sleep due to numbness in my right hand.  The operation was successful; I thought it miraculous how much recovery I gained.  But the healing process took some time.  With my right hand on the mend, I decided to do a bit of "awkward" work with my left.  The drawing was so awkward, it looked gawky and childlike.  So I proceeded to do a visual story to do a visual story I had wanted to do for a long time.  When my sister, Sandra, and I were children, we got to spend two weeks the summer with our mammother and grandaddy in Bervard, N.C.  They lived in a lovely little cottage on Probart street.  Mamother (our maternal grandmother) loved and spoiled us.  My grandfather (grandaddy) worked at a papermill in Bervard called, at the time, Ecusta.  Our stay with mammother was a respite from the oppression of my father especially for Sandra.  Staying with mammother was like staying at a magical place.  She fulfilled a child; dream of being adored, spoiled, and indulged.  She knew how to let us have fun.  Each day with her was golden.

As I write this at the age of 61, my memories of those special summers serve to bind my sister and me.  Our hearts melt together as we recall every detail of mammother and the little house. 

With my left hand, then, in 1993, I started the first of several starts of that childhood story. 

This sketchbook, too, shows entries that reflect visits to galleries in the city.  I always tried to take visual notes of pieces of work that impressed me, or, to saym had a powerful impression on me.  Good or bad.  Paul Trajman had a powerfully good impression on me.

April 30, 2010

D. Cable




I.D. # Title - Description Medium


3 1 cabl_1993_001 cover mixed cabl_1993_001.jpg (550019 bytes)
  2 002 "insomnia December" ink cabl_1993_002.jpg (412105 bytes)
  3 003 "Sore throat" ink cabl_1993_003.jpg (404886 bytes)
  4 004 portrait graphite cabl_1993_004.jpg (392679 bytes)
  5 005 swans charcoal cabl_1993_005.jpg (329071 bytes)
  6 006 framing graphite cabl_1993_006.jpg (712950 bytes)
  7 007 "the forever rectangle" graphite cabl_1993_007.jpg (482634 bytes)
  8 008 sphere graphite cabl_1993_008.jpg (463343 bytes)
  9 009 waves graphite cabl_1993_009.jpg (554392 bytes)
  10 010 people on the beach graphite cabl_1993_010.jpg (557153 bytes)
  11 011 winds near the beach graphite cabl_1993_011.jpg (695111 bytes)
  12 012 "Palm Warbler seen morning of 24th of January, Omni Cancun" graphite cabl_1993_012.jpg (382220 bytes)
  13 013 winter woods graphite cabl_1993_013.jpg (547668 bytes)
  14 014 older woman graphite cabl_1993_014.jpg (431382 bytes)
  15 015 February calendar graphite cabl_1993_015.jpg (425817 bytes)
  16 016 "Our ambassador to the U.N. Madeline Albright as seen on TV" ink cabl_1993_016.jpg (619101 bytes)
  17 017 figure kneeling in the dark ink cabl_1993_017.jpg (808277 bytes)
  18 018 three figures graphite cabl_1993_018.jpg (465874 bytes)
  19 019 [written backwards] ink cabl_1993_019.jpg (563229 bytes)
  20 020 portrait graphite cabl_1993_020.jpg (379045 bytes)
  21 021 [written backwards] ink cabl_1993_021.jpg (426376 bytes)
  22 022 bowl graphite cabl_1993_022.jpg (421501 bytes)
  23 023 "Gretchen Faust Kevin Warren

love furnitures

Pat Hearn Galler                                  39 Wooster St.                                 New York, N.Y.10013


ink cabl_1993_023.jpg (399205 bytes)
  24 024 "Plain brown wooden whlitar chair

dark navy blue

royal blue"

ink cabl_1993_024.jpg (457799 bytes)
  25 025 "Paul Trajman" mixed cabl_1993_025.jpg (443400 bytes)
  26 026 Paul Trajman copy ink cabl_1993_026.jpg (567532 bytes)
  27 027 [written backwards] ink on printer paper taped to the sketchbook cabl_1993_027.jpg (516527 bytes)
  28 028 [written backwards]

"One day when me and Mama other were in the porops there came a autfen bowvpous .  We covlbirt pet back to the house because it was rainingas hard.  But Momma ther told me that the falline rainbrog hittina it puddle were really elap ont tiny banera, fairie porsing up yuon the water btahaw bie looteb ot rainbray ever sinre.  Wotoling a puddles driving a rain was like wotthing a favorite doll."

ink cabl_1993_028.jpg (617727 bytes)
  29 029 [written backwards] ink cabl_1993_029.jpg (601092 bytes)
  30 030 female figure graphite cabl_1993_030.jpg (453881 bytes)
  31 031 two female figures graphite cabl_1993_031.jpg (491568 bytes)
  32 032 [written backwards] graphite cabl_1993_032.jpg (552462 bytes)
  33 033 two figures sitting in rocking chairs ink cabl_1993_033.jpg (509076 bytes)
  34 034 [written backwards] ink cabl_1993_034.jpg (493808 bytes)
  35 035 [written backwards] ink cabl_1993_035.jpg (500722 bytes)
  36 036 [written backwards] ink cabl_1993_036.jpg (497851 bytes)
  37 037 [written backwards] ink cabl_1993_037.jpg (498428 bytes)
  38 038 "Me and Sandra escaping from the wolf" ink cabl_1993_038.jpg (504904 bytes)
  39 039 five human figures surround a wolf ink cabl_1993_039.jpg (501469 bytes)
  40 040 the figures ink cabl_1993_040.jpg (498662 bytes)
  41 041 figure sitting on a tree branch ink cabl_1993_041.jpg (487799 bytes)
  42 042 back cover ink cabl_1993_042.jpg (532379 bytes)