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Artist notes:

In 1993 I was living with my then husband, Barry Katz.  We had been married for one year but had lived together two year prior.  We had purchased a condominium in Edison, New Jersey.  The Address was 901 Maplecrest Rd., Edison, New Jersey.  The condominium was a suitable living space but did not offer any area large enough for a studio.  Thus I had to make inquiries as to suitable space in which to set up shop.

At the time I was quite fortunate financially because I had been made the recipient of a small trust fund ($750 per month) from 'Becca and Harry Dalton.  They were Sally's mother and father; Sally was married to my brother Ed.  'Becca and Harry Dalton were truly patrons of the arts.  They helped to support several artists, writers, and poets with their financial generosity.  For me it meant that I could rent a studio and purchase necessary art supplies and other essentials.  The trust fund granted me a degree of independence from my husband.  I came to find, in the long run, that this was absolutely essential to my growth and development as an artist.  I truly owe a great debt to 'Becca + Harry Dalton for their belief in my work and support as well.

This sketchbook, in particular, concentrates on the designs and development of a painting, a singular painting.  I had been invited to be a participant in an exhibition that would have in the small gallery on the lower level of the Metropolitan Opera in the city. 

There were seven artist chosen.  The stipulation was that each painting had to be about a specific opera.  I chose "Othello" by Giuseppe Verde.  Now I confess here and now that then I knew nothing about opera.  I knew of no one particular artist or work.  But with such an opportunity, I set myself about the task immediately.  Giuseppe Verde's "Othello" was my choice.  I had it memorized within a month.  I played it over and over  over in my studio, in my car, at home. I reread the original Shakespeare and did the same with Giuseppe Verde's libreto.

All of this I accompanied with ongoing ideas and designs for the painting.

Aside from the studies, there are other observations, ideas, and sketched.

The basis for another painting is part of this sketch book as well.  The piece was entitled "Staten Island Alterpiece."  The piece is based, roughly, on Giorgione's "Sanso Pulcro Madonna."

Aside from this I have line/mass studies along with ink and brush studies. 

Too, I have for years worked with a reoccurring image of women standing together abreast - non-definative, not specific; some critic once called them androgenous.  Hower, this image runs universally through my sketchbooks accompanied by several paintings.  I don not know the origin.  But I know that so amny times when I have picked up pencil




I.D. # Title - Description Medium


3 1 cabl_1993la_001 cover mixed cabl_1993la_001.jpg (1860035 bytes)
  2 002 inside cover

a quick preliminary sketch done on yellow legal paper and taped into the book with transparent tape

ink cabl_1993la_002.jpg (1966250 bytes)
  3 003 three photographs of paintings two of them presumed to be the Othello painting and the other to be "Staten Island Altarpiece". photograph cabl_1993la_003.jpg (1623716 bytes)
  4 004 Idea for Staten Island Altarpiece ink cabl_1993la_004.jpg (758160 bytes)
  5 005 study of a bowl charcoal cabl_1993la_005.jpg (887162 bytes)
  6 006 sketch of a window scene graphite cabl_1993la_006.jpg (805027 bytes)
  7 007 Othello











Lack of control



A moor

ink cabl_1993la_007.jpg (582524 bytes)
  8 008 sketch for the Othello painting ink cabl_1993la_008.jpg (694217 bytes)
  9 009 sketch for the Othello painting ink cabl_1993la_009.jpg (816776 bytes)
  10 010 hand study, assumed for the Othello painting colored pencil cabl_1993la_010.jpg (612362 bytes)
  11 011 assumed Othello and Desdemona colored pencil cabl_1993la_011.jpg (1183434 bytes)
  12 012 sketch for Othello painting colored pencil cabl_1993la_012.jpg (1301799 bytes)
  13 013 sketch for Othello painting colored pencil cabl_1993la_013.jpg (1118069 bytes)
  14 014 female figure graphite cabl_1993la_014.jpg (593775 bytes)
  15 015 "In making a cast of a hand to study, I cast my own hand.  It got stuck.  Barry's solution was to chisel it out with hammer + screwdriver." colored pencil cabl_1993la_015.jpg (694700 bytes)
  16 016 hand study for the Othello painting colored pencil cabl_1993la_016.jpg (1606337 bytes)
  17 017 "My cartoons for Chris" colored pencil cabl_1993la_017.jpg (1159531 bytes)
  18 018 "My cartoon of Chris's dad and his scolding." colored pencil cabl_1993la_018.jpg (1116299 bytes)
  19 019 "I have often wanted to time travel to see what this country looked like before the great forests were destroyed. ink cabl_1993la_019.jpg (1014004 bytes)
  20 020 "Read/Respond"

"Look                                                                                                   Act                                                                                                        React"

graphite cabl_1993la_020.jpg (783693 bytes)
  21 021 a painter with a canvas stating "What?" with a thought bubble saying "Why?" graphite cabl_1993la_021.jpg (688057 bytes)
  22 022 "Artist Rag                                                                          2nd Edition Look Love Act React." graphite cabl_1993la_022.jpg (740092 bytes)
  23 023 paintbrushes and canvas graphite cabl_1993la_023.jpg (607477 bytes)
  24 024 sketch of a decorative molding graphite cabl_1993la_024.jpg (732236 bytes)
  25 025 hatching ink cabl_1993la_025.jpg (1201582 bytes)
  26 026 sketch assumed for Staten Island Altarpiece ink cabl_1993la_026.jpg (1112420 bytes)
  27 027 string of typeface ink cabl_1993la_027.jpg (638083 bytes)
  28 028 Liex ink cabl_1993la_028.jpg (576608 bytes)
  29 029 scribbles ink cabl_1993la_029.jpg (699113 bytes)
  30 030 scribbles ink cabl_1993la_030.jpg (984803 bytes)
  31 031 two nude figures ink cabl_1993la_031.jpg (627448 bytes)
  32 032 sketch for the Staten Island Altarpiece painting graphite and watercolors cabl_1993la_032.jpg (1528453 bytes)
  33 033 figure with a bird on its head graphite cabl_1993la_033.jpg (962831 bytes)
  34 034 two figures graphite cabl_1993la_034.jpg (901602 bytes)
  35 035 four figures, assumed pallbearers graphite cabl_1993la_035.jpg (956179 bytes)
  36 036 portrait ink cabl_1993la_036.jpg (633022 bytes)
  37 037 five figures charcoal cabl_1993la_037.jpg (782952 bytes)