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       cabl_2002_0001.jpg (365704 bytes) cabl_2002_0002.jpg (228156 bytes)

Artist's notes: 

In 2001, the Daltons gave notice that due to a declining stock market, the trust fund granted to me since 1990 would begin to dwindle in amount over the coming year's end.  'Becca and Harry Dalton had done me a huge service by providing a monthly income over the previous ten years.  It allowed me studio rental and funds for art supplies.  Once that income was cut off, I had to find part time work in order to have a studio at all.  At this point in my life, a studio was as essential to me as having food.

My husband, Barry Katz, deemed that we could not afford a studio space on his income alone.  It was then up to me to make the money I needed in order to continue painting.  I was fortunate to find an affordable studio space at a nearby (and somewhat run-down) art school in Plainfield NJ.  The School was called Devry; the building, itself, was something that was refurbished, to say the least.  Perhaps it was one someone's home, a kind of mansion, that was designated in a will to become an art school.  Whatever the story of that place, some of the old rooms were destined to become inexpensive studio space for artists.  My time there was precious as my time was divided between being a nanny for the two children of Fina and William Chang - Francis and Ailesandra (there are a couple of portrait sketches of these two children in this sketchbook), being a dunful wife to Barry (this was demand placed upon me by Barry) and weekends spent at our small cabin in Equinunk, PA.

The Marriage to Barry was beginning a kind of desolution to which gained momentum after a visit to my friends Mary Ann Gelly and Paul Moise in April of 2003.  These friends lived in Kilkenny, Ireland.  I spent roughly two weeks with Paul and Mary Ann; with John and Matthew, their sons.  An entire book with many chapters could be written about the spring and summer of 2003 for me personally.  Suffice it to say that another trip monumental trip was made (actually three altogether: to Mexico, to Ireland, and finally my leaving of a failing marriage, from Edison, NJ, to return to my home to the mountains of western North Carolina).

This Sketchbook, along with several others, then, is reflective of transitions which were altogether not without pain..

Note here: some of the wild attack drawings with ball point pen were done by Francis Chang, one of the children for whom I acted as Nanny.  Again, another book with numerous chapters could be written about this experience.




I.D. # Title - Description Medium & dimension



3 1 cabl_2002_0001 Cover 8" x 11" cabl_2002_0015.jpg (484818 bytes)



0002 "Pain, Aloneness" black ink

8" x 11"

cabl_2002_0003.jpg (438829 bytes)



0003 teapot with a woman's head on it blue ink

8" x 11"

cabl_2002_0004.jpg (554062 bytes)



0004 teapot blue ink

8" x 11"

cabl_2002_0005.jpg (783742 bytes)



0005 cabl_2002_0006.jpg (756132 bytes) "Ballpoint pen study of decoy at the cabin" ball point pen

8" x 11"




0006 "Ballpoint pen study of glove" ballpoint pen

8" x 11"

cabl_2002_0007.jpg (383825 bytes)



0007 "Woodstock reunion" blue ink

8" x 11"

cabl_2002_0008.jpg (315262 bytes)



0008 "Woodstock reunion attendant" blue ink

8" x 11"

cabl_2002_0009.jpg (378974 bytes)



0009 "Francis Elliott" blue ink

8" x 11"

cabl_2002_0010.jpg (382196 bytes)



0010 cabl_2002_0011.jpg (565195 bytes) landscape black ink

8" x 11"





0011 "Francis" graphite

8" x 11"

cabl_2002_0012.jpg (305373 bytes)



0012 "Allesandra" graphite

8" x 11"

cabl_2002_0013.jpg (301240 bytes)



0013 "Francis" Graphite

8" x 11"

cabl_2002_0014.jpg (378740 bytes)