Diane Cable


2003 Sketch Journal, spiral bound, hard cover, black, 7" x 10"

In 2003, I lived with my husband, Barry, at 901 Maplecrest Road, in Edison, N.J. This would be our last year of marriage. The "Barry Error" was brought to a sudden halt and by June of this year, I moved back to the mountains of North Carolina. For the summer months, I lived with my parents in Pisgah Forest, then, fortunately, I was asked to return to UNC-Asheville as an instructor in Art in August of that year. This allowed me to find a small cottage near Weaverville. I could not manage having a studio until some months later.

The few sketches in this book are representative of the "ideas" for illustrations for a children's book, "Daddy's Hair Went Wild," written by my brother, Ed, primarily for his son, Ian.

Pages 1 through 15 are the sketch ideas I had for the book. I eventually refined the sketches as drawings and sent them on to my brother in Denver. Ed published the book himself. My nephews and niece and special children of my life at that time each received a copy.

Page 16: Barry's son, Greg, and Greg's wife, Liz, had their first child, Cecilia, in October of 2001. It was wonderful for me to see the small family together. I was at the hospital in Philadelphia where and when Cecilia as born; Greg used my camera to take the first photo of her. That was quite an event. Then, in 2002, Daniella, Barry's daughter announced her pregnancy; her little girl would be born in December of that year. Being without children and never having had firsthand experience of a "new family," watching them all together was quite lovely. On this page, I drew a cloud formation, floating high over the land, showing the forms of father and mother providing a protective circle around the baby. Daniella and Greg's children would be the closest I would ever come to being a grandmother. But I bowed out from this roll; all their children already had grandmothers. I was but an interloper who happened to love them all. And, soon, I would disappear from their lives altogether, as I ended my marriage to Barry in June of 2003; we were officially divorced in February of 2004.

Page 19: This is an inserted photograph of me holding Cecilia.

Page 23-25: Upon return to Asheville, and to my parent's house, I had to find work quickly so that I could find a place of my own. One of my best friends (featured in earlier sketch books and for whom the "Joe Error" is named) was Joseph. He ran a fairly successful landscaping business. I worked for him during the summer of 2003. One task that came his way was to install a type of small fountain/waterfall in the yard of one of his client's. He asked me to do some sketches in order to produce and idea to the people he worked for. These sketches are a rough idea of the way I would design it at first. However, later I considered using more organic forms; natural forms for the water to run across. Joseph stressed, however, a means that was both inexpensive and light in labor. He preferred the squared geometric forms.

Page 31: I had left Asheville for graduate school in 1987. Upon return in 2003, I found it much changed and thriving. New Age people had established a sound footing in the city. And the "gay" scene was very much advanced and pronounced. I thought this a really wonderful thing. This page features someone typical that would be found in health food stores, whole food stores, or vegetarian restaurants; the play is on the word "gay."

Page 39: During this time, I met and became good friends with Frank and Margaret. Each time I visited them, I would come away with a feeling of enlightenment. They were both inspirational; quite wonderful people. While I visited this day, I did a quick ball point pen sketch of Frank as we conversed about politics and philosophy and the latest gossip .

Page 40: This is a view of Mt. Pisgah from the small cottage I had found near Weaverville. By this time I had been asked to return to teach as an adjunct professor at UNC-A once more. It was a great boon for me since I could then afford to live on my own. Also, as far as my teaching went, I felt I had much more experience as an artist that would thus be of benefit to my students. It was good to get back to teaching again.

End page: Before I left New Jersey, I had taken a part time job as a nanny in order to pay studio rent. The two children I looked after were Francis and Allesandra. I let Allesandra do a drawing in my sketch book. This was hers, then, a child's lovely image of a mother, child, and older sister. Allesandra is the older sister, here, even though she was actually the younger of the two siblings. Perhaps she wanted her mother to have another baby so that she, Allesandra, could help take care of it. As I look at it now, a child's simple drawing, I am glad I let Allesandra have the book for a quick drawing. Like so many children's art, it has a lot of meaning behind it.