City of Asheville, N.C ., Historic Resources Commission Records
City of Asheville Loose Plats
Title Title2 Title3 Alternate_Title_Other Names Creator_Architect Contributor_Architectural Firm Description_View Description_Remarks 1 Description_Remarks 2 People Organizations Street City Vicinity County Date_Original
C-164       C N Baumann   Survey for Mrs E L Ray Also shows property of Dr W F Powell and O D Revell estate   Ray ; Powell ; Revell   Red Oak Raod Asheville     6/30/1960
C-180 Plat book 30 Page 120   C N Baumann   Property of W A Davis Also shows Gates property, Stetson Group property  and Christmount property Also shows Lester Plemmon's old corner and John McDonald's old corner Davis ; Christmount ; Gates ; Plemmons ; McDonald Stetson Group Lakey Gap Road Black Mountain     11/4/1960
C-179 Plat book 30 Page 119   C N Baumann   Revision of section 1, Richmond Hill Park Oliver Hoover and Mrs George P Hodges owners and developers   Hoover ; Hodges   Richmond Hill Drive ; Skylyn Court Asheville     11/3/1960
C-185       C N Baumann   Survey for the Pure Oil Company Also shows property of Julia D Shuford estate   Shuford The Pure Oil Company Depot Street ; Nelson Street Asheville     2/4/1961
C-195       C N Baumann   Property of Biltmore Spinning Co. Also shows property of Roy S Dockery and wife Dolores K Dockery and E M Jarrett   Dockery ; Jarrett Biltmore Spinning Co Sweeten Creek Road ; Busbee View Road Asheville     11/8/1961
C-155 Plat book 30 Page 94   C N Baumann   Property of Carter Tweed and Belle R Tweed Also shows property of  S B Tweed estate and Marian Leigh McKennon   Tweed ; McKennon   Cane Creek Road Fairview     4/30/1960
C-158       C N Baumann   Property of N C Austin and Martha Austin     Austin   Haywood Road ; Hanover Street Asheville     5/23/1960
        Watt Justice   Property of O G Gillespie and B G Gillespie Located on North Turkey Creek Watershed   Gillespie   North Turkey Creek Road     Buncombe 4/1955
C-107       C N Baumann   Rex Samthers' Vista Park properties Dale Street formerly Central Street   Smathers   Virginia Street ; Dale Street ; Eleanor Avenue Asheville     9/5/1956
C-108       C N Baumann   Vista Park property of Rex Smathers Dale Street formerly Central Street   Smathers   Virginia Street ; Dale Street ; Eleanor Avenue Asheville     9/5/1956
C-130       C N Baumann   Subdivision for Carl Bill Miller     Miller   Springside Road ; Maude Avenue ; Summit Avenue ; Rickman Street ; Miller Avenue ; Cross Street ' Asheville - Hendersonville highway Limestone Skyland   7/21/1958
C-129 Plat book 30 Page 21 D-381   Carter & Bearden Engineers Property of W B Nixon Also shows property of Earl, Penland, Glass and Jennings   Nixon ; Earl ; Penland ; Glass ; Jennings   Albemarle Park ; Von Ruck Terrace ; Von Ruck Court ; Sunset Drive Asheville     12/11/1957
C-132 Plat book 30 Page 69   C N Baumann   Survey for Margaret M Westall and Henry Westall Also shows Shell service station   Westall Shell Oil Old Wearville Road ; Merrimon Avenue ; Osburne Road ; Beaverdam Road Asheville     8/10/1958
        Chas H Neal   Property of Miss Bettie Snowden     Snowden   Hibernia Street Asheville     4/15/1926
C-244       C N Baumann   Property of Sand Hill School Also shows property of Vester H Harwood, S J Pegram and American Enka Also shows graveyard Harwood ; Pegram Buncombe County Board of Education ; American Enka Sand Hill Road Lower Hominy     4/17/1964
C-243       C N Baumann   Topographical study for Dr H L Newbold     Newbold   Ski-Hi Acres Black Mountain     4/3/1964
C-242 Plat book 32 Page 143   C N Baumann   Property of Dr H L Newbold and wife Marcia Z Newbold Also shows property of G E White   Newbold ; White   Old Toll Road Black Mountain     3/31/1964
C-246       C N Baumann   Property of Leon R Curry and wife Iris L Curry Also shows property of James Merrill, Laymen Wright, H S Galyean and Cauble   Merrill ; Wright ; Galyean ; Cauble   Webb Creek Road ; Emma Grove Road Fairview     6/3/1964
C-245       C N Baumann   A portion of Black Mountain township           Black Mountain     4/1964
C-237 Plat book 32 Page 43       Proposed metropolitan sewerage district of Buncombe County               Buncombe 11/10/1961
C-202 Plat book 32 Page 62   C N Baumann   Property of C H Gudger Also shows property of J Freeman, C Freeman, H H Dotson and Don C Dotson   Gudger ; Freeman ; Dotson     Fairview     4/21/1962
C-157 Plat book 30 Page 99   C N Baumann   Estate of Harold H Thoms and wife Meredith S Thoms Also shows route to Little Beaver College   Thoms   Elk Mountain Scenic Highway ; Tsali Trail ; Old Killian Road Asheville     5/19/1960
C-156 Plat book 32 Page 115   C N Baumann   Property of Richard W Woody and wife Allene Jackson Woody Also shows Parker property   Woody ; Parker   Azalea Road ; Old Turnpike Road ; Rosscraggon Road ; Edgewood Road Limestone     4/14/1960
            Miles Fisher residence Cement floors, wood sides, composition roof addition   Fisher   89 Dunwell Avenue West Asheville     9/15/1955