Clippings from Newspapers, Magazines, and Other Clipping Sources Used as Inspiration and Example

95 items from miscellaneous sources that depict furniture, animals, carving, textile design, boxes, frames, etc. Pauline Miller Cowan used these and other sources as inspiration and as direct example for her own carving and designs.  Her work drew from many styles and periods as evidenced by the broad range of materials in these clippings. The material, though eclectic, help to form a picture of  her interests.
Box Folder Item # Description Thumbnail
1 1 cow4_001 Furniture image: Cricket Foot Stool, No. 99 Possibly from catalogue.  
    cow4_002 Furniture image: Folding Sewing Stand, advertisement.  
    cow4_003 Furniture image: Hastings Tables, advertisement.  
    cow4_004 Furniture image: Walnut Butterfly Table and partial article  
    cow4_005 Furniture image: Recent Importations by Heathside Associates, Inc. Images of antique, wooden furniture, and written descriptions. Prices included.
[Reverse] Advertisements for W.B. Spaulding's Antique Shop, E.C. Hall, and Cushing's Antique Shop, images and business addresses.
    cow4_006 Furniture image: Antique Spanish Tables and Couch, with partial article.  
    cow4_007 Furniture image: Table, Chairs and Wardrobes of Chippendale, Rococo, Gothic and Queen Anne decorations.  
    cow4_008 Furniture image: old Chippendale table, advertisement of display.`  
    cow4_009 Furniture image: Wooden Table, partial caption.  
    cow4_010 Furniture image: Metal Ash Tray, Grandfather Clock, and Leather Cigarette Case, with description in price. Article "Xmas Gifts You Can Make"
[Reverse] Kitchen Items, Bride Set, Pipe Rack, miscellaneous, with description and price. Same article.
    cow4_011 Furniture image: Book Trough End Table, with description and price.  
    cow4_012 Furniture image: Seaside Chairs, with description, advertisement.  
    cow4_013 Furniture image: Reed Chairs, with description, advertisement. Light Fixtures, advertisement.
[Reverse] Maple Welsh Cupboard, with description, advertisement. Candlesticks, with prices, advertisement.
    cow4_014 Furniture image: English Ladderback Chairs, advertisement of display.  
    cow4_015 Furniture image: Inlaid Sheraton Sideboard, advertisement of display.  
    cow4_016 Furniture image: Side Table, and Dresser, partial article.  
    cow4_017 Furniture image: Chairs and Desks, descriptions. Advertisement for The Orsenigo Company.
[Reverse] Chests, with partial article
    cow4_018 Furniture image: Chest, short description, advertisement.  
    cow4_019 Furniture image: Ornate, Spanish Table, description, advertisement.  
    cow4_020 Furniture image: Chest with Drawers, description, advertisement.
[Reverse] Antique Bed, Side Table, and Chair, short description, advertisement.
    cow4_021 Furniture image: Chippendale Writing Table, short description.  
    cow4_022 Architecture image: Room with Bed and Table, and Room with Fireplace, Piano and Chairs. Short article.
[Reverse] Antique Furniture, Chairs, Lamp, multiple advertisements.
    cow4_023 Architecture image: Bed, Side Tables and Chair, possible title to article.  
    cow4_024 Architecture image: Desk, Chairs, Stand, color image.  
    cow4_025 Architecture image: Tables, Chairs, Paintings, descriptions, advertisement.  
    cow4_026 Architecture image: 3 images: Table, Shelves, Grandfather Clock; Table and Chairs, Door Screen; Small, Round Table and Chairs; partial article.  
    cow4_27 Architecture image: Table, Chairs, Rug; possible title to advertisement.  
    cow4_28 Architecture image: Table, Chairs, Shelves.  
    cow4_29 Architecture image: Table, Fireplace, Windows.  
    cow4_30 Architecture image: Couch, Fireplace, Hand-Hewn Rafters.  
    cow4_31 Architecture image: Chairs, large Window; partial article.
[Reverse] Table, Fireplace, Large Windows; partial article.
    cow4_32 Architecture image: Table, Tapestry, Shelves.  
    cow4_33 Architecture image: Rug, Chairs, Bookcase; with image captions.
[Reverse] Bookcase, Bench, Table; clipping partially torn.
    cow4_34 Architecture image: Two images: Rug, Wooden Chairs, short Table, Rafters; Rugs, Stuffed Chair, Rafters; captions, and partial article.  
    cow4_35 Architecture image: Bookcase, Rug, Table; captions, repeated image.
[Reverse] Desk, Chair, Window with Curtains; captions.
    cow4_36 Architecture image: 3 images: Bed, Small Tables; Large Desk and Stairs; Large Bed and Two Chairs; captions; partial article.  
    cow4_37 Architecture image: Table, Fireplace, Rafters, Stairs.  
1 2 cow4_38 Carving, object: Unknown Carved Object, Ivy Design, possibly a Box.  
    cow4_39 Carving, object: Altar, with Crosses and Design along Top.  
    cow4_40 Carving, object: Shelves, with an Ivy-Like Design along the Sides.  
    cow4_41 Carving, object: Long Table with Carved Legs and Sides, Half-Circle Design.  
    cow4_42 Carving, object: Carved Wooden Container for a Model Ship. Caption, article and business advertisements.
[Reverse] Simple Fireside Cricket Stool.
    cow4_43 Carving, object: Dark, Chippendale Side Table, with a Block Design, with Hanging Shelves above. Caption included.  
    cow4_44 Carving, object: William and Mary Hall Clock, floral carvings. Description and advertisement included.  
    cow4_45 Carving, object: Picture Frames, of all sizes.  M. Grieve Company. Description and advertisement included.  
    cow4_46 Carving, object: Unknown Objects, possibly Chests, Various Designs. 3 images, company name in a foreign language.  
    cow4_47 Carving, object: Early French Cupboard, Diamond Design, caption included.  
    cow4_48 Carving, object: Altars of Differing Design, 4 images.
[Reverse] More Altars of Differing Designs, 5 images.
    cow4_49 Carving, object: Ornate Picture Frame, Carved Console, and an Image of a Gallery. Advertisement.  
    cow4_50 Carving, object: the Tomb of Saladin at Damascus.  
    cow4_51 Carving, object: Chest with Lock, Floral Design.  
    cow4_52 Carvings, room: Doors, Bench, Candle Sticks. Article "A Tudor Apartment Overlooking Central Park".
[Reverse] 2 Images of Same Room: Top Image of Fireplace and Couches, with Tables. Bottom image of Tables, Chairs and Window. Captions included.
    cow4_53 Carvings, room: Carved Table, Chairs, and Chests.  
    cow4_54 Carvings, room: Ornate Storage Units and Picture Frame. Possible Carving on Ceiling. Image caption included.  
    cow4_55 Carvings, room: Table with Carved Legs, Chairs, and Table with a Model Ship. Advertisement and description included.
[Reverse] Stone Bench and Pedestal, partial advertisement included.
    cow4_56 Carvings, room: French Carved Wall Panels, with Altar. Yellowing image.  
    cow4_57 Carvings, room: Tables, Picture Frame and Mirrors.
[Reverse] "The Strassel Galleries" Description of furniture and prices.
    cow4_58 Carvings, room: Bed, Chest, Dresser and Chair. Caption and partial article included.
[Reverse] Dresser, Mirror, Bed and Chandelier. Caption and partial article included.
    cow4_59 Carvings, room: Bed, Wardrobe, and Bedside Table. Possible Carvings on Ceiling.
[Reverse] Long Table, Chairs, Ornate Trim around Ceiling and Walls. Partial article and partial caption included.
    cow4_60 Carvings, room: Bed, Chair, Dresser, Side Table and Foot Stool with Circular Designs. Description and advertisement.  
    cow4_61 Carvings, article: "The Fascinating History of Furniture," partial article.  Drawings of carved wall trims and a Romanesque armchair.  
1 3 cow4_62 Animal clipping: Carving of a Dog, a Horse, a Cow and Two Llamas. Possibly stone.  
    cow4_63 Animal clipping: Carving of a Deer, a Bear on its Back, and a Goose, in bronze. Short description, and artist's name: Heinz Warneke.  
    cow4_64 Animal clipping: Carving of Two Ducks, One with its Head Down. Possibly wooden.  
    cow4_65 Animal clipping: Elephant Bookends.  
    cow4_66 Animal clipping: Carvings of Horses and Riders, Dog, Parrot and Bunny. Glass carvings, advertisement and partial article.  
    cow4_67 Animal clippings: Carvings of a Stork and a Giraffe, Brass Doorstops. Part of advertisement, description and price included.  
    cow4_68 Animal clipping: Design of a Horse and Rider, Man Walking Alongside. Possibly Wooden Carving and Ink Print.  
    cow4_69 Animal clipping: Design of Part Human, Lion and Eagle Creature. Part of a chapter heading, "Art in the Home".  
    cow4_70 Animal clipping: Colored Drawing of Man and Boy with Shot Deer.  
    cow4_71 Animal clipping: Photo of a Blue and Yellow Macaw Parrot. Photo caption and partial article.  
    cow4_72 Animal clipping: Carving of Eagle, halfway down page. Partial article included.  
    cow4_73 Animal clipping:  Photo of Barn Owl. Picture caption and partial article included.
[Reverse] Image of Seagulls Flying over the Sea.
    cow4_74 Animal clipping: Image of Flying Ducks on Decanter.  
    cow4_75 Animal clipping: Images of Irish Setters, Shepherds and St. Bernards. Dog breeder advertisements.
[Reverse] Images of Scottish Terriers, Wire-Haired Fox Terriers and Boston Terriers. Dog breeder advertisements.
    cow4_76 Animal clipping: Image of German Police Dogs. Dog breeder advertisement.
[Reverse] Images of Chows and Pekingese. Dog breeder advertisements.
    cow4_77 Animal clipping: Carved Head Walking Sticks and Umbrellas, advertisement.  
    cow4_78 Animal clipping: Images of Various Dogs, full page. Dog breeder Advertisements.  
    cow4_79 Animal clipping: Painting of Springer Spaniels. Various Dogs, dog breeder advertisements. Article: "When Your Dog Arrives".
[Reverse] Images of Various Dogs. Dog breeder advertisements. Continuation of Article.
    cow4_80 Animal clipping: Dogs and Cat Carvings. Wood, bronze, ceramic and aluminum carvings.  
    cow4_81 Animal clipping: Images of Scottish Terrier. Article: "The Aristocrat Called Scottie."  Images of Various Dogs, dog breeder advertisements.
[Reverse] Continuation of Article, and breeder advertisements.
    cow4_82 Animal clipping: Images of Scottish Terrier, and Continuation of Article "The Aristocrat Called Scottie." Also, dog breeder advertisements.  
    cow4_83 Animal clipping: Plaster Carving of Horse and Riders and Fox Hounds. Displayed at center of the table. Partial article included.  
1 4 cow4_84 Miscellaneous: Cross-Stitch Tapestry Benches and Footstools. Advertisement, and "how-to" diagram.
[Reverse] Cross-Stitch Tapestry Rugs.
    cow4_85 Miscellaneous: Cartoon-Image of Sun. Partial title to article.  
    cow4_86 Miscellaneous: Page of Advertisements for Tables, Decanters and Stoves.  
    cow4_87 Miscellaneous: Advertisements for Bathroom Furniture and Perfume.
[Reverse] Advertisements for Various Gifts and Monogrammed Glasses. Partial article.
    cow4_88 Miscellaneous: Image of Gore-Tex Thinsulate Camouflage Jumpsuits.  
    cow4_89 Miscellaneous: Description and Advertisement for Black-Diamond Self-Heating Iron.
[Reverse] Diagram of Iron.
    cow4_90 Miscellaneous: Image of Furniture Building Scene. Advertisement for clamp nails.  Description of how to use clamp nails.
[Reverse] "Suggestions for Using Clamp Nails" and Diagrams.
    cow4_91 Miscellaneous: Partial Photo of Large Knife.  
    cow4_92 Miscellaneous: Images of Various Wood Finishes. Captions included.
[Reverse] Images of Bridgeport Standard Wood Finishes. Captions included.
    cow4_93 Miscellaneous: Photo of Two Women in a Garden. Caption included.
[Reverse] Photo of Two Women and a Holy Man in a Courtyard. Caption included.
    cow4_94 Miscellaneous: Drawing of Mother and Baby, Spill on the Floor. Description and advertisement for "61" Floor Varnish.  
    cow4_95 Miscellaneous: Four-Sided Brochure for Ocean Lakes Family Campground. Descriptions of activities and times listed.