Log Book #3 - List of Carvings and Hours Used to Complete Carvings 1938

The entries in this Log Book #3 of Pauline Miller Cowan,  record a few pieces of work she completed while employed by the Tryon Toy Makers and also notes some work as a carver. She enters the specific name of the task and generally records the hours she spent completing the work and the date of completion. She sometimes signals the end of the project by the use of the word "Fini" after she had fully executed the project. This log book also contains information on pricing of items from the Tryon Toy-Makers and Carvers.

This log book, measuring 3 3/4" x 6 7/8", contains  111 pages. Most pages in this Log Book are blank and therefore each page has not been scanned. Only 19 pages containing information have been scanned and these have been numbered sequentially and have been given a unique identifying number which may be used for retrieval of the image

Box Folder Item I.D. Description Thumbnail
1 1 cow3_001 Cover cow3_001.jpg (305563 bytes)
    cow3_002 Tryon Toy-Makers & Wood Carvers. Record of 1938 Carvings. Pauline M. Cowan.

[Note at bottom of page: "St. Apr. 11th on Tuesday begin? Horse Show]

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    cow3_003 Fini Product in 1938.     Jan 10th cow3_003.jpg (295590 bytes)
    cow3_004 Fini Product in 1938. cont.  Feb. 23rd cow3_004.jpg (303675 bytes)
    cow3_005 Record at Tryon Craft School Beginning Sept. 5th, 1938. cow3_005.jpg (292321 bytes)
    cow3_006 4 Bird Feeding Stations each 2 1/2 hrs.  11-4-[1938]
[Note: "Miss Vance correct time 3 1/2 hrs.]

2 Mhg.[Mahogany] Trays (Dogwood Design) 11-30
      Routing    7 hrs
      Carving and slopin [?] incide [sic]  18 1/2 hrs.

cow3_006.jpg (242690 bytes)
    cow3_007 Fini 1 Glove Box Dogwood Design in 8 hrs
Fini 1 Carved Bx    6 hrs.
cow3_007.jpg (234879 bytes)
    cow3_008 Turned dolls on base for sewing needles + thimble  16 hrs. cow3_008.jpg (208265 bytes)
    cow3_009 Carved Box.  65 hrs. cow3_009.jpg (227633 bytes)
    cow3_010 Puppets

12  Goldi Locks . Bear Material cost $1.00 per yd.
Fini 9 Bears in 19 hrs. Material for 9  cost $2.50
Fini 7 Goldies   (on 7)   7 hrs.

12 Gingham Dogs in 11 1/2 hrs.
9 dogs per yard.

1 hr. putting whiskers on 11 mice   Oct. 27

3 + 3 hemming green and black curtains Fri. nite, Nov. 18
2 hrs sewing on cats   Fri. Nov. 4th

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    cow3_011 3 hours extra. Week ending 10-14th-{1938]
cow3_011.jpg (228390 bytes)
    cow3_012 Price List
Carved Mhg. [mahogany] Tray 
Cigrette [sic} Box
Fruit Bowl 
Book Trough    
Box With Feet
Box Without Feet  
Angel Frame 
Mt. Scene Frame  
Deer Ciagrette [sic] Box
Wild Rose Frame 
Itilian [sic] [Frame ?]  
Dogwood Bookends 
Galax Bookends  
Large Florentine Frame 
Small Florentine Frame



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    cow3_013 [Poem]
A wise old Owl
Lived in and Oak
The more he heard
The less he spoke.
The less he spoke
The more he heard
Why aren't we
like that old bird?
cow3_013.jpg (234194 bytes)
    cow3_014 [Drawing of two horses.]
New Ciagrette [sic] Box
cow3_014.jpg (257602 bytes)
    cow3_015 St. Jan 21st on Sat Nite. cow3_015.jpg (219933 bytes)
    cow3_016 Book Jack Horse

[Drawings of three horse heads.]

cow3_016.jpg (262564 bytes)
    cow3_017 "A Watch"
[Drawing of the watch.]
Its only Duty
in life is
To answer
"What Time Is It?"

[Drawing of two horse heads.]
Horse Head Breast Pin.

cow3_017.jpg (252151 bytes)
    cow3_018 [Address] Mrs. Howard Charnock
45 Mont View Drive
Asheville, N.C.
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    cow3_019 Back cover cow3_019.jpg (288536 bytes)